Mesh updated to v1.2

This update brings a few new features such as more ENV 3 destinations and a few more randomizers, plus some fixes especially when randomizing presets which could cause the occasional sound blow out. There is also a new bank of 32 presets.


  • New – Added a randomize to the LFO top bar for randomizing just the 1st 2 LFOs.
  • New – Global Randomizer which randomizes Oscillators, Filter ENV, ENV3, Filter and LFOs 1 & 2.
  • New – Individual Oscillator pitches + quantized versions, Main Quantized Pitch and Feedback added to ENV3 Destinations.
  • New – Added a Randomize button to the Envelope Header which randomizes just the Filter Envelope and Envelope 3.
  • New – 32 new Presets in the Presets folder (Mesh-Various.fxb).
  • Changes – Default preset improved and init fxb bank updated.
  • Fix – LFO Pitch could cause a crash with extreme LFO activity especially when randomising.
  • Fix – Non Quantized Pitch LFO destination has half resolution.
  • Fix – Pop-up Menu for patches now updates the display correctly when a bank is loaded via the internal Patch info display.
  • Note – Some Hosts such as Reaper don’t allow multiple versions of the same plug-in unfortunately and will always load the same version even if they are visible. In this situation you must use the load fxb to use the alternative banks plus in the vst folder you could delete on of the dlls, so that your preferred sound set is loaded every time. For example if you always want the Mesh Lead sounds, then delete the Mesh DLL and leave the Mesh-Lead DLL.


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