Cassetto Bootleg for Multiverse Classics LTD Edition



Cassetto Bootleg for Multiverse Classics

Product Description

This is a limited edition Bootleg which provides a Cassetto Scripted Instrument as an addon for Multiverse Classics. Please read the following carefully:

  • You must own Multiverse Classics to make use of this! Do not buy if you don’t own or intend to buy it.
  • It uses Cassetto v1.5, future updates are not guaranteed
  • The Bootlegs do not come with any presets at all although they can load Cassetto Presets and so owning Cassetto is highly recommended (you can can copy your presets to the Bootlegs data folder to make use of them)
  • It does come with all of the Microtonal Scales from Cassetto as of v1.5
  • These Bootlegs are only available to buy for a limited period (although they will always remain downloadable after purchase)
  • The script is slightly different to Cassetto for the Bootlegs, the Noise Slider controls Start Position and the Decay Sequencer is assigned to sequencing Start Position.
  • Includes 16 instruments eight for Kontakt 5.5 and eight for 5.6


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