AP Keyboards Pack – 2 way GUI keyboard controllers

A collection of 8 GUI keyboards that can also animate incoming midi data. Simply connect bitmaps of your keys/Mod Wheel/Pitch Bend to the Float pins. Modules are for 1 – 8 octaves. For general use choose mode 3 which does everything. Saves dozens of modules reducing load time, and uses very little CPU.

Also includes AP Patch Pulse which can be used to connect to the bool retrigger pin for retriggering sticky notes on a patch change. Patch Pulse also includes a volt out for general use and should be used in the same container as miditocv.

Free to use in synthedit projects, although donations are very welcome :)

Download Keyboard Pack


  • 4 modes – Display midi, Display midi + GUI keyboard->midi, Display + GUI + midi through, GUI->midi only
  • Full support for Mod Wheel and Pitch Bend interaction.
  • Octave switch – changes octave of GUI keyboard.
  • Transpose – Transposes incoming + GUI midi data at the midi output.
  • Midi Reset – Supports full midi reset / switch GUI keys off.
  • Midi Retrigger – If using stepped bitmaps for sticky mode, this bool pin will retrigger all stuck keys on demand, for instance with my bool ‘Patch Pulse’ module.
  • Text output – displays the octave number, useful for small keyboards with octave control.
  • Retriggers stuck keys on octave change.
  • rests all notes and midi on synth startup.
  • Selectable GUI keyboard Midi channel.

Special thanks to Gunnare EkornÄs for inspiring the development of these modules and doing all the betatesting.
Also thanks to Peter Schoffhauzer for helping with the pitch bend midi messages.

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