Available Group Buy Selections

This is a list of all Products that can be swapped for Group Buy Bonus Tokens.

There are 61 Products to choose from:

AirTones for Kontakt 5
Musical Synth Based around Radio Tones
AirWaves for Kontakt 5
Shortwave Radio Synthesizer
Alectrona for ArcSyn
100 Presets for ArcSyn
Ammonite VSTi
Dual Synth with TerraNova FX engine, Subtractive, Additive, FM, Sample, RM and AM Synthesis.
Analog IR
110 Instruments for Izotope IRIS
Analog PS
200+ Analog Pads for Padshop Pro
Advanced Midi Arpeggiator and Note Sequencer VST Plugin for Windows, will drive anything with a midi in!
Augment for Kontakt
a Multi-Layer Rhythmic Synthesizer
Aura for Zebra 2
80 Pads and Sequences for UHE Zebra 2
Auriga for Spire
75 Presets for the Reveal Sound Spire synthesizer
Awakenings HAL
Pad and Synth Presets for HALion 5.1
Awakenings IR
110 Beautiful Pads for Izotope IRIS
Awakenings PS
200 Delicious Pads for Padshop
Black Magic VSTi
Powerful unique Rhythm VST Plugin for creating diverse WAVs easily and quickly, records straight to usable Loops as well as multiple live and sequencer possibilities.
Calculus CZ
100+ Pads for Virtual CZ
Cassetto for Kontakt 5
A Cassette based synth for Kontakt 5.5/5.6
Destiny Multi-Layer/Timbral Synthesizer for Kontakt 5
Advanced 11 Layer Synthesizer
Dissolution for Dune 2
75 Presets and 28 Wavetables for Dune 2 VSTi
Dissonance IR
110 Dark Landscapes for Izotope Iris
Essence for TAL Bassline-101
175 Presets for TAL Bassline 101
Fragments for Kontakt 5
Granular Style Synthesizer
HG Electric Sitar VSTi + Sitar Loops
Sampled Jerry Jones Electric Sitar built into an atmospheric synth engine.
Homegrown Complete 2010 - Huge Sample Collection
Massive Collection of Loops, Breakbeats,Hits and Pads
Homegrown Piano VSTi
Steinway B sampled Piano with a warm sound, encompassed in a synth engine.
Infekted Synths for Sampletank
Multi-sampled Instruments designed on a Virus TI
Kosmology - Analog
Advanced Groove Sequencing for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.3
Kosmology - Awakenings
Advanced Groove Sequencing for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.3
Kosmology - Dissonance
Chaotic Sequencing for Kosmology/Kontakt 5
Kosmology - Elementary
467 Sampled instruments makes the largest Kosmology Release yet!
Kosmology - Evolution
Advanced Groove Sequencing for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.3
Kosmology - Fusion
Advanced Sequencing for Kontakt 5.3
Kosmology - Lumin
Advanced Sequencing for Kontakt 5
Kosmology - Space
Advanced Ambient sequencing for Kontakt 5
Lifelines for Spire
96 Presets for Reveal Sound Sprire
Lumin IR
110 Beautiful Pads for Izotope IRIS
Mesh VSTi
Moog-like mono synth meets LFO Rhythm Machine
Kontakt Sequencer Collection
A collection of Midi Sequencers for Kontakt
Molecules for PolyKB II
75 Presets for PolyKB II
Motion for Kontakt 5
Vector Synth for Kontakt 5.6
Movement for Kontakt
Synthesizer with 24 Motion Sequencers
Multiverse - Calculus
Phase Distortion/CZ1000 Sounds for Kontakt 5
Multiverse - Classics
Scripted Synth and Advanced Sequencer for Kontakt 5
Multiverse - Dominate
150 Instruments Designed with an MFB Dominion X
Multiverse - Fragmented
120 Multi-Sampled Instruments designed with PolyKB II and Dune 2.
Multiverse - Infekted
Scripted Synth and Advanced Sequencer for Kontakt 5
Multiverse - Vintage
Scripted Synth and Advanced Sequencer for Kontakt 5
Paradox for Dune 2
75 Presets for the Dune 2 Synthesizer
Pulse Control VSTi
If you ever wished your Waldorf pulse had many more features such as Modulation Sequencers, then this is the product for you.
Radiance for Sampletank
Ambient Sounds for Sampletank.
Radiate for miniSyn'X
90 Presets for Xils-Lab miniSyn'X
Reanimator for Kontakt 5
Dual Loop and Slice Mangler
Scala Creator VSTi
VST Instrument for creating Microtonal patches in the Scala format which can be used in any synth that loads them, such as Orgone and Bion.
Sequlation for the DSI Evolver
128 Sequences for the Evolver
Shimmer for UHE Bazille
120 Pads and Sequences for UHE Bazille
Spectral Shadows
70 Presets for Linnplug Spectral
Starburst IR
110 Beautiful Pads for Izotope IRIS
Starburst PS
1400 Pads for Padshop Pro
Starburst ST - for Sampletank
This collection is a multi-sampled version of Starburst TI for Sampletank.
Starburst TI
128 Evolving Patches for the Virus TI.
Vintage Synths for Sampletank
98 Multi-Sampled Instruments & 350 Child presets
Vortex VSTi - Multitimbral Groove Machine
Multitimbral Groove Machine with 12 sequencers, internal sound module and FX.