Elemental Guitar Loops


Great Collection of Indie Style Guitar Loops


This Sample CD is a collection of Guitar Loops, representing many different genres, from ambient effect, strumming chords, rhythmic licks to full on distortion. An extremely useful resource of instant guitar loops. Most loops are natural guitar, but there are also versions transformed into synthetic sequences. All guitar loops are created by Astral Pedestrian of Subsonic Headdub. This brings a new angle to the homegrown collection, whatever style of music Elemental Guitar Loops can enhance your track, bringing that essential non electronic touch.. The timing is kept intentionally loose, designed to give that extra live element.

SIZE: 639.00 MB
Astral Pedestrian
WAV, REX (RX2), Acid
REX (2) files: 600


This is one of Homegrowns’ bigger collections, (trebling the usual 200 to 600 samples) hence the increase in price. And having said that the company specialises in pads and textures above, they’ve gone right down a different course with this one! It’s the first of the Homegrown CDs we’ve seen that veers completely away from the totally weird, alien type stuff. But there again you still get the impression that the monster rack of effects has been used but not quite as much, as these are very much more straight forward guitar samples. They are laid out in tempo order and range in sound from ambient (of course!) to strumming to sythetic type sequences. Radiohead and Nirvana fans will be happy with what on offer here. It is good to see Homegrown move away from there core and with Organic Beats up for review next month, they really are covering all the bases of groundbreaking sounds and noises. 7/10 – Jon Andrews, Future Music December 2002


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