Starburst PS


1400 Pads for Padshop Pro


Starburst is brought into the world of Steinberg’s Padshop Pro a fantastic Granular Synthesizer. This is a large collection of 1400+ Presets. At it’s heart are 110 WAVs from Starburst a hand crafted collection of Pads designed on a Virus TI. There are 13 Different Categories in the Padshop Edition which form different styles each of which has it’s own characteristics. All patches use Aftertouch and the Mod Wheel  for live manipulation of the sound.

  • Bright – Single Synth with an open Low Pass filter.
  • Delay – Similar to Bright with an active Delay.
  • Dual 1, Dual 2, Dual 3, Dual 4 – These categories use both synth engines in different ways.
  • High Pass – These use a High Pass Filter.
  • Lead – Simple Lead Versions.
  • Mellow – Single Synth with a more dulled sound.
  • Slow 1, Slow 2 – Slow Attack Categories
  • Stab – Short Filter Envelopes, good for ARPs.
  • Verby – Single Synth using Reverb.

Total Presets
:  1,430

There is an installer provided for Windows Users which seamlessly installs Starburst. Currently for the Mac there is no installer, you must extract manually to your Padshop directories.

NOTE: Currently there are only VST presets, no AU Presets.


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