Starburst ST – for Sampletank



This collection is a multi-sampled version of Starburst TI for Sampletank.

Product Description

This collection is released for either Kontakt/SFZ/WAV or Sampletank, a hand crafted selection of pads created on the Virus TI Synthesizer. The TI is a superb synthesizer for creating organic sounding Pads and this collection is an opportunity to replicate this sound inside your sampler. Each instrument is made up of at least 5 multi-samples ensuring smooth transitions across the instrument. Whilst this is primarily a pads collection the instruments are mostly designed to be melodic so that they are useful across the board wherever lush synths are required. For Kontakt and Sampletank, there are many child presets which make good use of the supported sample engines.


  • 110 Parent Instruments using at least 5 multi-samples
  • 44 Child Presetsfor each instrument (4840 total Child Presets):
    • AMB A/B/C – These are a collection of Ambient Presets.
    • GRAIN A/B – Use sampletanks timestretch mode.
    • GRUNGE A/B – Distorted Sound.
    • HPF A/B – Uses a High Pass Filter
    • LEAD A/B/C – Mono Variations
    • LEGATO A/B/C/D – Mono Legato Variations
    • MELLOW A/B – Mild Ambient style.
    • PAD A/B/C – Selection of Pad styles
    • PLUCK A/B – Short pizzicato variations
    • RESO A/B/C/D – Highly Resonant Styles
    • SCAPE A/B/C – Atmospheric Soundscapes
    • SH – Sample & Hold style
    • SLOW A/B – Slow Attack
    • STAB A/B/C/D – Short Decay Variations
    • TWANG A/B – Bright Short Decay styles.
    • UPFRONT A/B – Compressed upfront variations.
    • WALL A/B/C – Ambient walls of sound (think ‘My Bloody Valentine’)
  • Compatible with Sampletank and Sampletank Free.
  • Download Size 495 MB – Installed Size 1 GB.


Starburst is available for:

Virus TI | Kontakt/SFZ/WAV | Sampletank | Padshop Pro

Additional Information

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