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HGSounds has moved to a New Server and added 2 new file servers

In response to the deterioration in speed over the last month, HGSounds has now moved to a new UK server with the addition of two file servers, one in London and the other in Dallas. Between the 3 locations everyone should be able to get good download speeds at all times. The download script has also had a rewrite to be reliable with larger files, so that now products such as Kosmos Infekted are a single 2GB download as opposed to multiple parts. Hopefully there will be no more problems, especially as download sizes have increased recently with the newer releases. On the downloads page you will now notice the 3 different download links per file.

Kosmos v1.2 for Kontakt 4/5 Manual

Kosmos is a scripted Virtual Analog style Synth Script for Kontakt designed to be a front end for high quality sample libraries. The idea was to create a powerful yet easy to edit dual Synthesizer for using HGSounds sample libraries as virtual Oscillators. Each section has it’s own randomizer and and can be included/excluded from the Global Randomizer. The amount of Randomization for most parameters can also be adjusted. Kosmos also includes a polyrhythmic polyphonic Sequencer.

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New Website Launched

Here is phase 1 of the new website which should hopefully cure all of the problems the old one had developed. There is still a lot to add over the coming months but the main thing is to get everything functioning again as it should.