Tanagra, Darmok & Shaka – 500 Wavetables with 3 Kontakt Instruments.


500 wavetables made from a Hydrasynth, includes HQ single cycles and 2 Kontakt Instruments

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Tanagra is a set of single cycle waveforms sampled from a Hydrasynth. It includes 500 wavetables made in serum compatible with any synth that can load them, as well as 3 Kontakt 6 Instruments which utilize them. There also duplicate wavetables in 8 bit format aiming to be more like the original PPG crunchiness. If you have Serum or another system for making Wavetables, the single cycles mean you can easily make your own.

Three instruments are currently included which utilize the wavetables, adapted form the Serenity Group Buy, there’s an automatic discount for people who already own that!



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