Augment Group Buy Revisited


2017 Group Buy Revisited 10 Products



Note: you need the full version Kontakt 5.7 or higher to use these instruments.

Another chance to get the 2017/2018 Group Buy Instruments for a limited time. Like the current Circular Group Buy, all of these products were developed whilst the Group Buy was running. Whilst Augment, Destiny and Reanimator are available outside of this Group Buy, the other instruments are not and so is a rare opportunity to grab them.

Includes 10 Instruments plus Sample Packs:


11 Layer Synthesizer with 16 sequencers. More info

Augment ALT

an alternative version of Augment which uses the waveforms from Destiny. More info


Multi Layer or multi timbal Synthesizer, singularity is also included which uses the 11 layers for unison. More info


complex Loop Mangling Machine using loops created on an Analog 4 and DSI Evolver. More Info


A version of Reanimator adapted for guitar and Sitar Loops.


A version of Reanimator  adapted for Drum and Percussion loops.


A version of Reanimator which uses loops created from the Airwaves radio wave material.


A midi Sequencer for using Kontakt midi out with external instruments which is capable of complex rhythms. This doesn’t have the advanced features of the version that comes with Sequencer collection, but is valid because all knobs can be automated in the DAW which the Advanced version cannot do.

Chord Stepper

A Midi Sequencer which is about sequencing Chord Chains. The Advanced version that comes with Sequencer collection has a couple of extra features, but this version is mostly the same.

Sample Packs

Also included are all the underlying Analog 4 and Evolver Loops from Reanimator, as well as the loops used in ReanimAir. They are in WAV format and have correctly embedded loop Information, ready to use in any DAW/Sampler.



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