Succession DND for Kontakt




Requires Kontakt 6.

Succession DND allows building your own custom Instruments with a bank of 126 samples. You just drop them on the sample manager and they will be loaded into Succession. Due to the nature of wave sequencing and offsets I recommend that you use a complete bank so there are no silences. It’s also a good idea to put your samples in the samples folder so they can always be found later on if the folder gets moved. There is a sample export which saves all Paths/Names to a text file, which can also be imported back in.

There is also a second instrument called ‘WT’ which allows using Wavetables instead of samples which is handy if you have the wavetables that came with the group buy which can be used.

The most sensible usage is to add a bank of samples and then save it to the instruments folder with your own unique name. You can create as many as you want as long as they are saved to the instruments folder.

I’ve also included 300+ single cycle waveforms made with the Novation Peak that were used to make the Wavetables last year.

This version also sees the new Kontakt 6 Reverb, Delay and Modulation Effects implemented!

Here is a quick demo showing 3 different sample sets loaded, the included single cycles, Multiverse Virus Leads, and then Multiverse Calculus. It’s a pretty exciting development 🙂

Showing Succession WT with some of the Group Buy Wavetables loaded.


  • It’s a pretty slow process loading and unloading the samples, but there’s not much to be done about it. It’s not something you are likely to do that often.
  • You can drop files anywhere on the Sample Manager Page and they will automatically be added to the back until it’s full. If you delete one of them, the Reorder button will fill gaps from the back, or you can also drop new files.
  • The Export only saves the sample file paths and not the loop info.


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