Analog Drums
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Analog Drums
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Analog Drums


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UPDATE: 500 MPC Programs have been added for use with MPC 2 software, Beats, MPC Live/ONE and MPC X.

A large collection of 3,500 Samples recorded at 24-bit 96k using an Analog Rytm. The samples are mono recorded directly from the outputs of the machine. This sample collection is about capturing the raw analog power of this machine’s engines and so doesn’t use the onboard effects. They are provided as WAVs and so can be used with any DAW/sampler instrument outside of Kontakt.


  • 24-bit 96k
    – used by the Kontakt Instruments
  • 24-bit/16 bit 44.1k
    – Suitable for MPC Live
  • 24-bit/16-bit 48k
    – Suitable for Elektron Products such as Octatrack & Digitakt

Kontakt Instruments

It comes with 2 Kontakt Instruments which make use of the samples;

  • Drumscape is a 5 track complex Sequencing system which can use any Bank/Sample per step and has probability and conditional rules. Its about exploration and even though there are only 8 steps, it’s capable of very complex Rhythms. It has repeats as well as Effect Sends for each step. It has 12 Patterns that can be switched in real-time, and there is also 12 variations which contain all of the settings on the right side. When randomizing it can come up with interesting complimentary beats to work alongside more traditional beats.
  • Drum Module is a basic sample Cell instrument that allows assigning any 60 of the samples across the MIDI keys so they can be easily sequenced via MIDI. The cells are divided into 5 groups of 12, and as with DrumScape there are Variations that can be switched via MIDI keys.


This first video is DrumModule Sequenced with a Keystep using offsets and Randomizing to showcase a number of the Drum Samples.

This video shows DrumScape

MPC Kits

Included are some Kits created with Kit Creator.

I’ve made a demo showing off some of the Kits, it’s a bit odd because it makes use of every one of the 16 samples in the program, which you wouldn’t necessarily do when making beats!

NOTE – the red keys indicated on the Kontakt Keys GUI are used to trigger the 5 sequencers in DrumScape, which may not be obvious at first. It made sense to use the sharp Notes because there are 5 sequencers.


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