Serenity Collection

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Exploring Wavetables and Euclidean Sequencing.

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All Kontakt Instruments Require the Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 6.

This was a collection of instruments developed specifically for the serenity group Buy which focused on Wavetable synths & Euclidean Rhythms.

1000 Wavetables

Made with a Virus TI, a Novation Peak, Elektron Digitone and various other Synths. The Wavetables are compatible with anything that can use Serum Wavetables and are used by all Wavetable Synths included in this Group buy.

1200 Drum Samples

1000 Drum Samples in 24-bit 96k format which are used by Drumscape and Drum Module, and can also be drag & dropped into Pulse.


Serenity Main

Serenity is a Dual Wavetable Synth engine. Each Synth has a dedicated AHDSR Envelope for controlling Volume, Filter Cutoff, Wavetable Position, Wavetable Shape and Wavetable Harmonic. There is also an LFO with 30+ Shapes which can be assigned to those parameters.

The FX Section includes the new Kontakt 6 Replika Delay supporting direct control of all Modes and Parameters, and the new Hall/Room Reverb algorithms.

There is a tuned Global Randomize with adjustable Amount and Probability, plus each section can be set to be included or excluded from Randomization. It excels at creating unique Pads. The Default System uses a user defined template to create a basic Preset by clicking the ‘D’ Buttons.


Kinetic MainKinetic uses 4 Synthesizers and 29 XY Recordable Sequencers to create unique and complex Sounds. To Record sequences, click Record and select a Nodule, Play a Note and the XY movement will be recorded.

Kinetic includes the new Modulation, Delay and Reverb Effects introduced with Kontakt 6 as well as Drag n Drop Support for Wavetables.

There is Microtonal Scale support with a large selection of Scales to choose from and a dedicated Browser.


Equilibrium MainEquilibrium is a Dual Wavetable Synth which includes an extensive Modulation Matrix which makes it a Modulation Monster! The Sources available are 4 LFOs, 2 Envelopes, Velocity and Key Position.

There is an Advanced Arpeggiator which has dedicated Sequencers for Wavetable Position and Shape, as well as a Sequencer that can choose between Wavetable Harmonic, Cutoff, Resonance and Filter Decay.

There is Microtonal Scale support with a large selection of Scales to choose from.

The Randomization System allows loading and saving Profiles with an overlay for deciding which of the Matrix controls will be used as well as Amount and Probability settings. This means it can be used for subtle Randomization as well as extreme as you want .


This synth introduces newly developed interpolated shaped LFOs/Sequencers. Features a single Wavetable with Drag and Drop support and 4 LFO Sequencers.


Divider is a MIDI Sequencing System that uses up to 8 Sequencers to play simultaneously, the pitch of the Note that triggered them becomes the root pitch and each Sequencer can use an offset which is rooted through the rescaler and the selected scale. Duplicate Notes of the same pitch on the same step will not be played, The sequencers have a top down priority to decide which note will be played.

The Sequences use Euclidean Sequencing which is based on the amount of steps and the number of notes that should be distributed across them.

There are row and column randomizer/default buttons which gives plenty of scope. There is also the ability to select min and max setting for each column and this can be saved as a Randomizer Profile.


Formula is a Sequencing System that uses 12 Euclidean Sequencers designed to target a drum or one shot sample instrument via MIDI. Each Sequencer has an independent assigned Note and label can be used to describe the sound from a list of predefined labels, although you can add your own to that list via a text editor.

It has 12 Group Triggers which play back the sequencers, any combination of the 12 Sequencers can be assigned to each allowing total flexibility. There is an additional set of performance triggers and a matrix to decide which of the triggers will affect each Sequence. These triggers include Repeat Step, Mute, Random, Reverse, Note Offset and 7 Time based triggers for alternate clock divisions.

It also has 12 patterns which are totally unique and so can have their own Midi note assignments, Group/Trigger assignments etc… That’s a lot of flexibility!


DrumScape is a modular style sequencer with 5 tracks and 8 steps. It uses 1200 samples divided into banks, Each step can select a bank and base sample.

Each step can become a sub-sequence using one of 8 dual sequencers that can target velocity, wave offset & Note Length. it has 12 Patterns and a also 12 Variations which target 12 parameters. It has conditional rules per step.

Drum Module is a 60 cell sample player. Any sample can be selected per slot with each octave having 12 parameters that can assigned. like DrumScape it has 12 variations which can be selected in real-time via Midi.

There is no sequencer involved, this is designed to be sequencer externally & just plays back samples.


Pulse is a sample based version of Formula which has drag n Drop support for samples.

There are 8 Parameters for shaping the samples; Volume, Pan, Cutoff Resonance, Release, Filter decay and reverb send.

It has the ability to save sample kits which are a list of the full file paths for loaded samples.









2 reviews for Serenity Collection

  1. pacques

    Serenity and Kinetic are two of the best Kontakt libraries, I have come across, to utilise an array of modulation, envelope and oscillator options: they have a large amount of random and probablity selections also. Along with an amazing list of new and interesting waveforms, in which I have managed to activate and mangle my way to the most interesting of sounds: squeezebox attacks, creepy piano scapes to sonic glides…

    This last year has brought a great deal of Kontakt libraries to the table, some are actually better than the promo introductions and some turn out to be a tad disappointing or, worse, very similar to one another. Most are at least 2 to 5 times the cost of Serenity and I’ve only tried out the first two offerings, so far, of this Group Buy.

    Highly recommended to those who want new sounds for a small amount of cash and for those who are interested in pushing Kontakts abilities to the max. Plus the included 700 unique waveforms, I have used in Waves Codex for some more textural sounds.

  2. solaris65

    As “pacques” has said, Serenity and Kinetic utilize an array of modulation, envelope and oscillator options, as well as offering a large amount of random and probability selections.

    The sounds they can produce are outstanding and it’s very much a case of “the more time you spend with these-the more you can get out of them”. Though, that’s not to say the presets that come with them are anything other than great-sounding, which they are.but the real beauty of these plugins is you can run with the included sounds “as is” or spend as much free time as you can or dare to just noodling with these little beauties!

    For the record, what you get for the price is far more than what you actually pay..and that’s before you even factor in the other items that come to you as the Group Buy unfolds!

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