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MIDI Mod for Kontakt


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v1.01 adds a second instrument ‘MIDI Snapper’ which allows taking control of up to 8 Control changes and the switching between 12 sets of values using the ‘Red’ Octave.


MIDI Mod is a MIDI Instrument that has 4 LFO style sequencers that use interpolation to achieve an adjustable smooth shape from the sequencer steps. They can also operate as 1 shots acting more like an envelope and the last step can either fade around to the first step like an LFO or pause the last step enabling an attack/stab to be achieved. Each has it’s own clock divider which can slow down to 256x for very long sequences, each has an independent step size up to 128 steps and each can also reset with each new note. The normal behavior is legato style so the sequencers reset on a first note but not again until all keys are lifted.

It has a Modulation matrix which allows any combination of sources to be sent to up to 6 assignable Control Changes with both positive and negative offsets. As well as the Sequencers there is also a Random value generator with clock speed, a Pulse generator with clock speed which acts as a square wave, and finally Aftertouch and Mod Wheel can also be applied.

It also has 12 Patterns which are switchable in real-time via the red Trigger Keys, each Pattern contains unique sequence and parameter data including the Mod Matrix so they can be totally unique. The only parameters which are not included are the CC IDs.

The instrument also contains a MIDI CC Profile manager for creating profiles which can be loaded. If the profiles contain empty fields these are hidden in the menus so that you only see relevant CCs.

All Midi Notes are simply passed through the instrument, MIDI Mod is all about manipulating CC Data.

Here is a demo of using it with a Novation Peak

MIDI Snapper

MIDI Snapper is a simple MIDI Instrument that allows control over up to 8 MIDI Control Changes with 12 States that can be changed via the assigned Octave of triggers shown in Red on the Kontakt GUI Keyboard.

It supports MIDI CC Profiles created with the onboard Editor so that a list of Named and relevant CCs are the only available options in the Menus.

There is also a MIDI Recorder which can record all MIDI Data which can be drag n dropped elsewhere.


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