DrumScape/Module Drag & Drop (Early Bird)


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Adapted versions of DrumScape and DrumModule that allow drag & dropping up to 100 samples so they can be used with existing sample content you own. They both also support Tuning per Cell which opens the door to using more melodic samples.

  • Drumscape is a 5 track complex Sequencing system which can use any Sample per step and has probability and conditional rules. Its about exploration and even though there are only 8 steps, it’s capable of very complex Rhythms, each of the 8 grids can be used as a 16 step sub-sequencer. It has repeats as well as Effect Sends for each step. It has 12 Patterns that can be switched in real-time, and there is also 12 variations which contain all of the settings on the right side. When randomizing it can come up with interesting complimentary beats to work alongside more traditional beats.
  • Drum Module is a sample Cell instrument that allows assigning any 60 of the samples across the MIDI keys so they can be easily sequenced via MIDI. The cells are divided into 5 groups of 12, and as with DrumScape there are Parameter Variations that can be switched via MIDI keys in real-time.

I’m working on a video manual for DrumScape which will be along shortly.

NOTE – the red keys indicated on the Kontakt Keys GUI are used to trigger the 5 sequencers in DrumScape, which may not be obvious at first. It made sense to use the sharp Notes because there are 5 sequencers.


To load samples, go to the Zone Building panel (bottom left tab in the script selectors) and drop samples to fill the bank. you must load samples before it will make any sound.



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