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MIDI Recorder for Kontakt


Drag & Drop Midi Recorder

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NOTE: The full version of Kontakt 5 or above is required.

A very simple Instrument for Kontakt that just Records whatever Midi Input it receives and the Recording can be dragged to your DAW or desktop. By selecting OMNI as the Midi input it can record Multi-Channel input and also export as a Single track file or Multiple Tracks.

This can be useful if a DAW will not let you easily record Midi Output to another track, or anytime you want to record Midi. The Midi Input is passed through to the output and so it will play the destination device transparently.

Recording starts as soon as Play is engaged in the DAW and will continue until Stopped. The Buffer is reset each time Play is pressed.

It can store 100,000 events and an indicator shows how many have been recorded and the remaining number.

It has been tested with Cubase and Bitwig.


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