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Avanced Sequencer/Drum Machine

Emergent Properties is an Advanced Wave Sequencer which has a main Melodic sequencer plus 2 additional Drum sequencers. The main Sequencer is designed around complex Wave Sequencing using a large collection of  over 1000 Morphing Samples which evolve through different sounds. Each sequencer has it’s own Step length and the Bank, Wave and Slice sequencers add up to determine which Sample will be played. Additionally there are 30 Different Modes selected via the Mode sequencer lane, which can radically change the sound such as LFO Chopping, Reverse, Phasing and Talk type Modulation effects.

EP Drum ModuleThere are also 2 Dedicated drum Modules available with dedicated Sequences, each of which have their own Tempo Clock Division. There is a total of 635 Drum Sounds which are divided into 9 Banks. The first 5 are Kits where 1-50 are Bass drums, 51-80 are hi-hats and the remaining 48 are Snares which are followed by Dedicated Bass drum, Snare and Hi-hat Banks.

EP PatternsThere are 12 patterns in total which can be switched/automated via the GUI buttons or by using the dedicated octave of triggers (which are shown in red on the Kontakt Midi Keyboard Display). The Octave position of these triggers can be changed using the ‘Triggers’ setting. Every Knob and value in the lower pattern area including the Drum Modules are distinct for each pattern (with the exception of the Random Probability Factor). The editing system is sophisticated for example using ALT/OPTION whilst clicking/editing a knob will change the value in all patterns, or in the case of the actual Sequencer knobs it will set the entire Row to that value. There is also the ability to copy any row to all other Patterns or a specific one.

EP Options MenuThere is a dedicated button for copying the current pattern to All other Patterns which is a good way to start with a common base. Additionally there is a Remix button which will remix all sequences into a different order in each pattern instantly creating a series of variations. ‘Remix 2’ goes a bit further by also randomizing other parameters to create more Diverse results.

There is a sophisticated Randomization System throughout, with Row randomizers, the current pattern Randomizer as well as a Global Randomizer which will Randomize the entire machine. There are plenty of options to decide what the randomizers will affect and also the ability to decide which individual banks and Modes should be available as valid choices.

Here is a video showing Emergent properties in action:

ALL Kontakt Products require the full version of Kontakt 5, they will only work in Kontakt Player for 15 Minutes.


  1. Richard

    As all the great stuff from Homegrown sounds it really lives from the

    great and musically usefull randomizers for nearly any of the functions

    and on different levels (whole instrument, pattern, line….). This way

    you get great results in short time by just using the randomizers without

    really understanding whats going on :-). As it is sometimes not so easy

    to get evrything these complex maschines can do this is really a good

    starting point to get into it.

    This one is – within the ALL very special libraries from Homegrown sounds

    – special in the way that it combines a great melodic/harmonic sequencer

    with a drum sequencer in one instrument. So to make it short: feed some

    chords in, hit the randomizers till you get something to your liking and

    you have kind of a nearly complete accompaniement sketching track :-). Of

    course this works great together with already existing track to, for

    example to give them rhythm/pulse to a pad or whatever. And the results

    are really sounding great with a special “vibe” :-).

    Another important thing for me and different from some of the other

    libraries: it is not based on loops but on waves (it is a kind of


    What I had to admit: if you REALLY want to understand this beast and tame

    it you have to take some time. But once you get into it you are ready for

    all the other great Homegrown sounds libraries cause the principles are

    similiar (came from the same genious mind 🙂 ).

    Little hint: there is actually a group buy going on till march 17 2019

    where you can get LOTS of stuff for really cheap, worth to have a look !

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