Kontakt Collection (LTD Edition)


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This is a unique & limited opportunity to pick up an absolute bargain. This product includes all 16 Kontakt products released up to 2019 which amounts to a huge collection of 110 Instruments.

At full price these instruments usually cost over $970. There are Synthesizers, Sequencing Systems and MIDI Generators included. Most of the Instruments are advanced more akin to VST/AU plugins.

  • Multiverse Collection

    50 Instruments.

    Combines all Multiverse Releases, and for each sample set provides a Kosmology, Multiverse and Cassetto based Instrument.
  • Kosmology Collection

    25 Instruments.

    Combines all previous Kosmology Releases, and for each sample set provides a Kosmology, Multiverse and Cassetto based instrument.
  • MIDI Looper

    An extremely versatile MIDI Looper which can behave in many different ways. From Keystep style to Overdub.
  • Circular GB Collection

    This was the Group Buy from 2018, includes 12 Instruments as well as Bass/Guitar Sample Sets.
  • ARP Stream¬†

    Advanced MIDI ARP System like nothing else.
  • Emergent Properties

    Rhythmic Instrument that combines a Rhythmic Sequence with 2 Drum Sequencers.
  • Succession Pro

    A Synth based version of Procession which is all about squashing Sequencers through scales to come up with Melodic sequences with ease.
  • Dark Matter/Red Matter

    2 Instruments which are all about using Loop slices in a multitude of different ways to create interesting Sequences.
  • Augment Group Buy

    This was the Group Buy from 2017, includes 9 Instruments, Synths, Loop Sequencers and MIDI Sequencers.
  • Gravity Wave

    Gravity Wave adapts the synth engine from Fragments with the goal of building a unique sounding atmospheric synth.
  • MIDI Sequencer Collection

    3 MIDI Sequencers, Chord Stepper Advanced, Chordian Advanced & Procession Advanced.
  • Fragments

    Fragments is an attempt at exploring Granular style synthesis within the Kontakt system.
  • AirTones

    This is a version of Cassetto which uses tuned Radio signals as oscillators for an eerie and unique sound.
  • AirWaves

    AirWaves is a unique Synthesizer which uses 24 XY Motion Sequencers to build collages using Shortwave Radio signals as its Sound Source.
  • Motion

    Motion is an advanced Vector Synthesizer designed to create Evolving landscapes and Atmospheres with little effort due to a series of 8 tuned Global randomizers which generate unique and playable sounds most of the time.
  • Cassetto

    The idea behind Cassetto was to create a synthesizer which has an old and slightly faulty sound as well as a fairly fixed yet interesting architecture.


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