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Calculus CZ


100+ Pads for Virtual CZ

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Calculus is a collection of presets for the Virtual CZ Plug-in of mainly Pads inspired by the likes of Eno, Harold Budd and the Boards of Canada. Some of the sounds were designed on a CZ1000 and transferred to the plugin, although they make full use of aftertouch and also the loopable envelopes which which really add to Virtual CZ’s Pad creation appeal.

There are 128 presets in total which are mainly Pads and Atmospheres with a few Basses and Leads thrown in for good measure. The Presets are provided in VST2, VST3, Audio Units and Pro Tools formats so you can use whichever you prefer.

vcz_big_1060x682Virtual CZ is an emulation of  the Casio CZ Range of Synths made in the 80’s which used a unique form of Synthesis. The Plug-in was created by Oli Larkin and sold by Plugin Boutique. If you are a fan of the CZ Synths it really is a must buy, and if you have never owned one now is the time!

The Demos are straight from the Synth with just a small amount of stereo delay added.

Important: You must own Virtual CZ to make use of these presets. However if you own Kontakt there is also a version of these sounds available here.

Calculus for Virtual CZ gets 8/10 at

“The set has captured that vintage digital CZ feel. There is lots of movement in the sounds, which gives them a bit of analog-like character. I love the warble, the slight detune, a bit of a dark edge. The bass, lead and fx patches are a good addition to this solid soundset.”


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