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Radiance is released for Sampletank

Radiance provides a varied collection of beautiful pads, synths, landscapes and textures and can enhance any music/multimedia project. This collection has now been ported to Sampletank making use of ST to create child presets to provide variations on the original instruments. It can also be used with the free version of Sampletank.

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Starburst Released for Kontakt and Sampletank

Starburst is released for either Kontakt/SFZ/WAV or Sampletank, a hand crafted selection of pads created on the Virus TI Synthesizer. The TI is a superb synthesizer for creating organic sounding Pads and this collection is an opportunity to replicate this sound inside your sampler. Each instrument is made up of at least 5 multi-samples ensuring smooth transitions across the instrument. Whilst this is primarily a pads collection the instruments are mostly designed to be melodic so that they are useful across the board wherever lush synths are required. For Kontakt and Sampletank, there are many child presets which make good use of the supported sample engines.

There is a demo containing 2 instruments in both Sampletank and Kontakt formats available here.

Starburst is available for:

Virus TI | Kontakt/SFZ/WAV | Sampletank | Padshop Pro

Ballistic Drum Kits 1 for Sampletank Released

Ballistic Drum Kits provides a large collection of mostly Bread and Butter Drum Kits all of which can be easily interchanged for quickly transforming a playing drum pattern. They are quite heavy kits which are especially well suited to Hip Hop, Trip Hop & R n B, all the collection is diverse enough to be useful to any sampletank user . There aren’t very many Electronic Drum Kits for Sampletank, and so this Tank attempts to bridge the gap, at least another 2 complimentary collections will be released which will provide more drum kits, instrument kits designed for layering, and percussion kits.

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Vintage Synths Released for Sampletank

This is the first Collection released for Sampletank with more planned. Vintage Synths is a huge collection based on the Akai SG01v Vintage Synth Module and adds 98 parent multi-sampled instruments and 350+ child presets using the full power of the sampletank engine. All instruments use 9 multi-samples for smooth alias free transitions and are sampled at 24bit 48khz giving plenty of headroom.

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