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Sequlation for DSI Evolver Released

DSI-EvolverSequlation is a set of 128 Presets for the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver with the intention of providing a professional & creative set of musically useful Sequences. The Evolver can be a wild beast capable of extreme insanity, this collection sets out to prove it also has a calmer musical side, but of course each preset can easily be coaxed back to the brink if you so wish.  The Sequences cover a broad spectrum of styles, and are also excellent starting points for adapting to your own style. Aftertouch and Mod Wheel assignments are used throughout for real time manipulation.

Listen to the demo sounds to get an idea of what’s included and let your ears be the judge!

3 different Sysex files are provided of the Bank which use either Sequence Mode, Gate Re-trigger Mode or Gate Mode respectively depending on which mode you prefer. The Bank will be loaded into Bank B, so be sure to backup your old bank first if uploading directly. It can be uploaded to the Evolver using your usual method such as Midi-Ox or the Sound Tower application etc…

Just $20 until 2nd April

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Starburst Released for Padshop Pro

Starburst is now released for Padshop Pro with a staggering 1400+ Presets across 13 Style Categories. The original Virus TI sounds have now had some Granular treatment in this collection providing  a huge collection of Beautiful pads and Textures. Each style folder uses a different template to get the most out of the WAVS such as Slow Attack, Dual Synth versions, Stabs and so on.

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Astronomy – Free Bank Released for the Virus TI

This is a free collection of 64 Presets for the Virus TI (OS5). They are all ARP based patches covering a full range of styles from grinding Bass riffs to ethereal sequences using the full potential of  the Virus TI. Each preset makes use of the 3 Assignable Knobs for transforming the patches in real-time as well as channel pressure(Aftertouch) and Mod Wheel. Knob 2 is always assigned to the Delay Amount.

Astronomy TI

Starburst TI Bank Released for the Virus TI

Starbust TI is a new collection of hand crafted Pads/Textures for the Virus TI running OS5. If you think Eno, Budd, Japan, Sylvian, Boards of Canada that would plant you in the right musical hemisphere for where these sounds belong. They are full of motion and harmonic content. Whilst holding notes will deliver great pleasure from the landscape that unfolds, most are also designed to be used in a general musical context so that they are not limited to specialist genres.

Starburst TI