VSTs updated to installers – Ammonite updated to v1.22

I’ve taken some time to simplify all the older products by updating them all to installers, in the future simply select your vstplugin folder and that’s it. All products live in a HGSounds/Product Name directory, so if you use an installer and already have one installed you may need to manually delete the old version first.

Secondly Ammonite has been updated to v1.22:

  • Fixed a bug with the Microtonal Scale Menu.
  • Added a new Filter called ‘Mellow LP’ – It’s an odd one which sounds a bit grungy and is not very resonant but it has an interesting character.

I’ve started working on an ARP update which will be released in the next few weeks, and I will also be tackling Vortex shortly afterwards.

Mesh updated to v1.1 bringing a new Moog Style sound bank

This update brings a new bank of 128 sounds of mainly traditional Analogue type Leads and Basses with minimal effects. There is also a dedicated version called Mesh Lead which allows loading this sound set into your host much more easily than loading an fxb. There are also a few new features, such as Bass Cut, Assignable Destination for Envelope 3, and the option to send Oscillator 3 to the filter cutoff for some interesting modulation effects.

Mesh Information

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Mesh VSTi Released A Moog style LFO Rhythm machine

The idea behind Mesh was to create a Virtual Analogue mono synth in the style of the Minimoog with the addition of 5 Tempo based LFOs for exploring rhythmic potential. In comparison to previous Homegrown Synths, Mesh is very simple using 3 Oscillators and a Sub Oscillator to shape the sound, a single oversampled Low Pass Moog style filter, and 3 Envelopes. The LFOs can modulate most parameters, and there are several quantized pitch destinations to enable complex one finger sequences to be constructed. Add to this a compact effects section comprising of a Modulator, a Delay and SoundScaper and finally an Arpeggiator which all adds up to a simple lightweight sonic playground.

More Information

Multitimbral Control Released

Free VST plug-in designed for controlling a hardware multitimbral module from a single place. It’s more useful in some hosts than others due to the way midi output can be routed from a plug-in. It was built with Reaper in mind and works very well in there.

Product Page

Vortex VSTi Released

After rigorous development and beta testing v1 of Vortex is now officially released. Vortex is a multitimbral groove machine designed with performance in mind.

Full information can be found here.

ARP VSTi updated to v1.7



  • New Sequencer GUI – A purpose built interface has replaced the old sliders on the main sequencer.
    • Muters – This row has now been integrated into the main Sequencer Display so that when muters are enabled only playing notes are visible. Clicking on a disabled slot will add a note and double clicking will remove an existing note.
    • Velocity – The velocity Sequencer from the modulation Page is now overlayed on the main Sequencer Display when it is enabled. Clicking right side of the step will allow editing the value, or alternatively holding CTRL will override note editing so that only velocities are edited. The old Velocity Sequencer is still available for people who still want to use it. The Enable button has also been duplicated to the main screen.
    • Ties – When a Tie is in effect, the note will be turn green so that they can easily be seen.
  • Custom Scales – A new section is now available on the Scale Remapper which allows editing of 12 custom scales. These can either be selected via any of the Scale Menus, or alternatively there is a ‘Use All’ button which will instantly load Custom Scales 1-12 to the corresponding menus. When using the latter method it is then possible to have total control over all scales for each note and so they can be edited on the fly. The Use All button has also been duplicated on the main screen at the top of the Scales column.
  • Studio One – Fixed a crash which happened at startup with some users of Studio One.

Modulator VST updated to v1.1


  • LFO 2 – A second LFO is now available to further modulate either the Feedback, Depth, Offset or Rate.
  • Expanded to 64 Presets.
  • CC Controllers – Now all controls have an assigned CC controller.

Modulator Page

ARP updated to v1.61

This update fixes a couple of issues introduced by 1.6 and adds some more CC controllers. The demo has also been updated.

  • Hold didn’t stay on
  • Possible bug when using a midi channel other than 1
  • Added CCs for most of the main Sequencer lists and functions, see the manual CC page for details.

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