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ARP VSTi updated to v1.7



  • New Sequencer GUI – A purpose built interface has replaced the old sliders on the main sequencer.
    • Muters – This row has now been integrated into the main Sequencer Display so that when muters are enabled only playing notes are visible. Clicking on a disabled slot will add a note and double clicking will remove an existing note.
    • Velocity – The velocity Sequencer from the modulation Page is now overlayed on the main Sequencer Display when it is enabled. Clicking right side of the step will allow editing the value, or alternatively holding CTRL will override note editing so that only velocities are edited. The old Velocity Sequencer is still available for people who still want to use it. The Enable button has also been duplicated to the main screen.
    • Ties – When a Tie is in effect, the note will be turn green so that they can easily be seen.
  • Custom Scales – A new section is now available on the Scale Remapper which allows editing of 12 custom scales. These can either be selected via any of the Scale Menus, or alternatively there is a ‘Use All’ button which will instantly load Custom Scales 1-12 to the corresponding menus. When using the latter method it is then possible to have total control over all scales for each note and so they can be edited on the fly. The Use All button has also been duplicated on the main screen at the top of the Scales column.
  • Studio One – Fixed a crash which happened at startup with some users of Studio One.

ARP updated to v1.61

This update fixes a couple of issues introduced by 1.6 and adds some more CC controllers. The demo has also been updated.

  • Hold didn’t stay on
  • Possible bug when using a midi channel other than 1
  • Added CCs for most of the main Sequencer lists and functions, see the manual CC page for details.

Visit ARP Page

ARP VSTi updated to v1.53


  • Hold Mode – Now when hold mode is active, if a note is triggered it will stick, but if it is triggered again it will be released.
  • Fixed a bug where some people where having issues with ARP loading in some hosts.


  • Fixed an issue with the clocks in certain hosts.

ARP VSTi Updated to v1.5

Get the latest version from your downloads page or get the demo from the ARP Page

  • ARP Sequence Lights added – Now there is a row of lights below the main ARP Sequencer to demonstrate which position is currently active. Note that this is designed for monophonic mode, in Polyphonic mode the lights indicate the first triggered sequence.
  • 4 x CC Sequencers added – This brings the total to 7 independent CC Sequencers.
  • CC Sequencer Modes – A new menu offers alternative modes for the CC Sequencers such as Envelope Mode which will draw a linear line between points sending out a CC Value every 32nd note. For this to be useful the CC sequencer should be set to a slow tempo.
  • Copy/Paste Functions – Allows copying the ARP Sequence and lanes from one patch to another.
  • Double/Quad Functions – Double will copy the first 16 beats of the ARP Sequencer and lanes to the last 16 beats, for easily repeating the pattern without manually editing the events. Quad will repeat the first 8 beats 3 times.
  • Colour Coded Step Markers – Beneath the lights are some markers to denote each bar start etc making it clearer which step is being edited.
  • CC Shift functions fixed – Shift Left/Right wasn’t working on the CC Sequencers.
  • GUI Open Bug – Previously the GUI needed to be open at least once when opening an existing project for all the data to be initialised, this is now resolved.
  • CC Knob Assignments added.

ARP Updated to v1.4

Arp has been updated to v1.4 with some great new features:

  • 3 x CC Modulation Sequencers – For controlling any CC numbers of the target device, with independent tempo and step size, Mid Point and Amount knobs.
  • Dedicated Velocity Sequencer – For setting the velocity of each note in the sequence, the tempo and step size are locked to the main sequencer.
  • Swing/Pulse Length localised – Swing will now work at any tempo, the odd notes will always have swing applied so now there’s need to use the Master Tempo for this purpose. Pulse Length is now more controllable and a fixed percentage of the the beat length. Note that all of this is newly coded and whilst I’ve tried to follow the original settings, there may be slight discrepancies especially with swing and so some adjustment to patches that use swing may be necessary.
  • Channel 16 Pitch Shift – If midi data is received on channel 16 it will be used to re-pitch the main Sequencer. Anything above middle C will increase the pitch and below will decrease.
  • Knob Resolution – The scope of the knob has been speeded up so there is less travel distance. Holding Shift or CTRL still allow fine adjustments.
  • Bug Fix - Pitch Bend, Aftertouch and Modulation Wheel now pass through correctly.
  • Bug Fix - Problem in FL Studio where the timing was erratic for some users.