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This is an ambitious Group Buy with a lot of potential instruments, the more people that take part the more freebies will be achieved and it costs just $14.99 which gets you Augment straight away which can be downloaded from your downloads page. The GB will be officially launched on Thursday 14th December, there may be some changes between now and then.

  • Level 0  – ACHIEVED
    Augment Kontakt Instrument – Fully Featured 11 Layer Synthesizer
  • Level 1 – 60  – ACHIEVED
    Evolver Loop Pack 1 –
    69 Loops created with a DSI Evolver
  • Level 2 – 100
    Evolver Loop pack 2 - 
    69 Loops created with a DSI Evolver
  • Level 3 – 140
    50 new Waveforms for Augment –
    A bunch of newly created Waveforms added to Augment
  • Level 4 – 180
    Augment Alt Instrument –
    Still in the planning/development stage but it will be using the 11 Layer engine of Augment with some major differences. It will definitely involve LFOs and possibly Envelopes, the intention is to create an instrument with completely different possibilities whilst keeping the multi-layer structure. More to follow.
  • Level 5 – 210
    100 extra Presets for Augment –
    A bunch of new Presets which will concentrate on using less layers for a more focused sound.
  • Level 6 – 240
    Kontakt Instrument for Loop Packs –
    It seems a shame to have the Loops but no Kontakt Instrument, the plan is to explore the options of using Loops in Kontakt which I have never done, so I’m sure something interesting will come out of it!
  • Level 7 – 260
    100 extra Presets for Augment Alt –
    Some new presets for whatever the Alternative version of Augment will be called
  • Level 8 – 300
    Analog Four Loop Pack –
    50 Loops created with an Analog Four
  • Level 9 – 340
    Analog Four Loop Pack 2 –
    50 Loops created with an Analog Four
  • Level 10 – 380
    Kontakt Instrument for A4 Loop Packs –
    I’m not sure how this will pan out as it may make sense to add these to the earlier Instrument and then build some more advanced features, it will become clearer after development has begun.
  • Level 11 – 420
    ARP or Sequencer –
    This will be firstly a standalone ARP/Sequencer which is built with controlling external instruments in mind via Kontakts Midi Out, however the secondary purpose will be to add it to existing Kontakt Instruments which don’t already have an ARP/Sequencer. I’m still thinking about this one.


NOTE: The Group Buy is subject to change at any time and please be aware that I have to create all of this content which means a level may not be available immediately as soon as it’s reached, I estimate that there is around 2 months work involved. Hopefully the GB will progress at a steady rate so that everything will be ready on time.

About Augment

Augment Single LayerAugment began with the idea that it would be interesting to use Sequencers to manipulate Additive Partials in a rhythmic way, but it soon became apparent that it would be a much more interesting instrument using other waveforms as a huge 11 Layer Synthesizer. As a result Augment retains the additive mode but also uses 200 Waveforms which can be freely selected for each layer. The Waveforms are along the lines of PCM Synths of the past which have an Attack Section and a looped constant tone which works well as it allows the sounds to be more focused on Synthesis rather than sampling. The Attack Section can be disabled per Layer so they become pure tones.

Seqs GeneralAs far as the Sequencing side of Augment goes, the intention was to have sounds which have highly rhythmic components which are locked to tempo. The idea that you have a Pad which will come alive with rhythmic complexity when played alongside other Rhythmic sounds was at the forefront of the design. The Sequence destination are Filter, Volume, Drive and Pan. All sequencers are monophonic with the exception of the Volume Sequencers which are Polyphonic.

Augment-overviewOne of the issues with having 11 Layers is that it has a lot of parameters (30 per layer) which poses the problem of making editing intuitive and logical. Firstly by having all 11 Volumes visible at once and select buttons below, means that by editing the Layer Volume of selecting via the selector all relevant parameters will instantly be visible for editing as well as having a solo button which will just play the currently selected Layer. This is an intuitive way to edit presets but it was taken a step further by creating an Overview Panel which displays all 11 Layer Parameters (excluding the sequencers) simultaneously, which means they can all be viewed/Edited instantly and comparatively.

VolSeq Volumes

Another feature is the 12 alternative Volume Triggers. These are basically copies of the Main Layer Volumes but they can be triggered in real-time via a dedicated Octave on your midi Controller. This can make for some interesting Sequencing possibilities which could either be used to solo single layers or highlight particular Layers etc… It is suggested that you record the triggers in your sequencer and the work on the Volumes in situ. There is also a Sequencer which can be used to sequence them as part of the preset and whilst not as flexible as using the DAW, it can make some interesting Rhythmic Effects. It can also be recorded in real-time using the dedicated XY Controller.

RandomizersIf editing sounds is not your thing, then this is where the Global Randomizers come into Play. There are 7 in total all with different characteristics which are highly tuned to generate interesting results, and whilst Presets are included, by using the randomizers you can be assured that you will be creating a preset which is totally unique.

Like most of the other instruments from Homegrown Sounds, Augment is a true Synthesizer relying much more on scripting than sample Playback to shape the sounds. The Samples are small and simple and used as Oscillators and as a result unlike many Kontakt Libraries the memory footprint is very small. (Currently 30mb, although more waveforms may be added).


  • 11 Synthesizer Layers.
  • Each Layer contains 4 Sequencers for Volume, Filter, Pan and Drive. The Volume Sequencers are Polyphonic.
  • Each Layer Contains a choice of Waveform, Filter Type and Envelope Shape, 3 Effect Sends and Lofi Controls.
  • An overview Panel which displays every Layer control for easily editing all Layers.
  • An XY Pad which can be used to record the Layer Sequencers and Displays the current Layer Motion.
  • An Additive Synthesizer Mode which uses 11 Additive Partials.
  • Reverb with a large collection of Impulse Responses.
  • Stereo Delay
  • a Modulator Effect which can be either a Chorus, Phaser or Flanger.
  • A global Envelope used to control the Global Filter Cutoff.
  • A Detune Parameter which evenly detunes all 11 Synths
  • Unstable which adds random Pitch Fluctuations to all Layers.
  • 12 Volume Triggers which can switch to alternative Layer Volumes in real-time and a changeable Midi Octave for them.
  • An XY Sequencer which can Sequence the Volume Triggers which can be recorded using the XY Pad.
  • Extensive Global and Local Randomizers.
  • Global and Local Default Buttons with the ability to save your own Default file.
  • An Integrated Preset Browser with Save Ability


These videos are from early development versions of Augment:


Note that Augment requires the latest Full Version of Kontakt 5.7 to work, it will only work for 15 minutes in the player.

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