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Vector Synth for Kontakt 5.6

Product Description

Motion is released with a Group Buy which adds value to the Synth as more people take part and costs just $24.99.

Group Buy Stats

  • Level 1 – 125 – ACHIEVED
    2 x Ltd Edition Cassetto Scripted Instruments which use the Motion waveforms. Includes the original 400 Cassetto Presets so they can be used with the Motion Waveforms. Available to download immediately. These instruments will not be available outside of this Group Buy.

  • Level 2 – 175 – ACHIEVED
    LTD Edition Kosmology & Multiverse Scripted Instruments utilizing the Motion waveforms. It also includes all Kosmology/Multiverse presets from all available Releases amounting to 400+ Presets. These Instruments will not be available outside of this group Buy. Ready for Release as soon as Level 2 is reached.

    • Level 3 – 225
      Movement expands on Motion, adding a further 4 XY Motion Sequencers. It is capable of sonic Mayhem but also capable of much more basic presets using the Simple Randomizer which exploits Motions great Waveform collection very well.


The Group Buy will end on the 1st August 2017

- I will try to have the bonus content ready as soon as the target is reached if possible but this process is not automated. Target content may also be changed and new targets possibly added during the GB duration.

Motion-FXAbout Motion

Motion is an advanced Vector Synthesizer designed to create Evolving landscapes and Atmospheres with little effort due to a series of 8 tuned Global randomizers which generate unique and playable sounds most of the time. It is most useful for signature Ambience in a track and most definitely has a distinctive sound of it’s own. It uses short and single cycle waveforms to create sound and in this sense is a true synthesizer, like any other Subtractive synth sounds are generated by the User interface rather than relying on sampled presets. There are 504 Waveforms/Sounds over 4 Banks which use just 55mb of RAM. Some are drum/percussive one-shots which are very interesting in the Arpeggiator when Wave sequencing.

Motion was initially inspired by a Yamaha SY35, it is possible to record XY Vector movements as part of each preset. It goes much further than an SY35 however adding an additional 7 recordable XY Sequencers. There are 4 separate identical synthesizers with an XY which mixes between their volumes. Each Synthesizer has 2 ADSR Envelopes and 2 LFOs with plenty of simultaneous destinations. There is a dedicated XY Controller for the Cutoff and Resonance of each Synth as well as a Master controller which offsets all equally. Like the Volume these have dedicated sequencers which can be recorded per preset. There is also a large database of prerecorded sequences which can be selected by the Randomizers.

On top of that there is an Advanced Arpeggiator which can Wave Sequence each of the synths independently for some very interesting rhythms. It is also possible to re-trigger the XY Motion sequencers using the Retrig Sequencer which will decide which Motion Sequencer will reset, and the POS Sequencer determines the Position to re-trigger from.

The effects includes a Modulator (Phaser/Chorus/Flanger), a tempo delay and a Convolution Reverb with 49 Impulses.

Please Note this will only work in the full version of Kontakt 5.6, it will not work in the player or a version less than 5.6 due to extensively using the XY Controllers.


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