Kit Creator Updated to v0.95

May 26, 2022, 10:47 pm

  • Adds a Preset System and Theming:
  • Settings storage improved so they can easily adapt to additional settings in future updates and a pathway towards themes and presets.
  • Preset System added. Saves Slider, Folder and Export options. You can decide whether the folder paths are loaded as they are only really relevant to the local machine. Presets are stored in /documents/Homegrown Sounds/Kit Creator/Presets and presets need to be created in this folder.
  • Info display now shows Slider values as they are edited.
  • Added Set All Buttons for each Slider Bank “A” which sets all Slider values to the same as the top slider.
    Each Parameter now has an Enable Button to decide whether those values should be randomized.
  • Global Default implemented, click the ‘D’ button. You can overwrite the Default file by using the ‘save default’ button.
  • Theme system implemented using all 22 Colours with an in application colour selector and load/save mechanism. Themes are stored in documents/Homegrown Sounds/Kit Creator/Themes.