Kit Creator updated to v0.992

July 5, 2022, 3:29 pm


  • TAL-Drum export added.
  • Sitali export added with the option of embedding samples into the preset.
  • Settings panel added.
  • Factors panel for fine tuning the relationship between the various formats, most people should probably leave this alone.
  • Templates section in the setting panel. The ability to drag & drop your own presets for use as
  • Templates for each format. This opens up the power to make complex presets that use effects etc that Kit Creator can then replace its samples and parameters.
  • 3 Template modes introduced that decide how the user templates are used, use the currently selected, cycle through all, randomly select from available.
  • Improved Speedrum Volume parameter
  • All Factors are now enabled from changing the scaling between the different outputs.
  • Further Modularisation of the Scan code.