Kit Creator v1.0 is Released!

August 10, 2023, 11:42 am

Kit Creator is now officially out of beta!

  • Quick Start Guide to creating presets added to the manual.
  • When on the conversion screen it is now necessary to select the type of preset you are going to convert. Previously this was done automatically based on what was found, although in the case of different formats being found, it would always select the first found. Now recursion is added, it has made it more essential that this be pre-selected by the user.
  • Ableton Live Import Function has been rewritten for the ground up.
  • Optional Additional sample search path has been added for Ableton Live imports. Search will look in the current directory/sub directories first, then in the Ableton User Sample library, and if the sample is not found it will then look in the provided additional directory & its sub directories.
  • Option to convert Multi-Sample based .adg files (Simpler). Usually this would not be very useful because they tend to be chromatically mapped sample instruments, but some old presets do use this method to map drum samples & so they can now be converted.
  • Recursive search option available when selecting a folder of presets to convert, this means it will search sub folders although all outputs will be saved to the same selected output directory. This option is enabled by default & is very useful when converting something like the samples from Mars sets which have the samples in a top level folder. By choosing the parent folder, all presets will be found as well as the samples.
  • Various Tweaks.