MIDI MOD Updated & Second Instrument MIDI Snapper added

January 27, 2022, 7:15 pm

MIDI Mod has been updated to 1.01 with the following:

  • NEW Instrument added – MIDI Snapper.
  • Added ‘Note Through’ option so that it can be used purely for CC data and made that the default which I think makes a lot more sense so you can play notes elsewhere.
  • Setting Slope to 2 will turn Sequencer Mode on so the sequencer behaves as a step Sequencer instead of an Envelope LFO.

MIDI Snapper is a simple MIDI Instrument that allows control over up to 8 MIDI Control Changes with 12 States that can be changed via the assigned Octave of triggers shown in Red on the Kontakt GUI Keyboard. It supports MIDI CC Profiles created with the onboard Editor so that a list of Named and relevant Control Changes are the only available options in the Menus.

There is also a MIDI Recorder which can record all MIDI Data which can be drag n dropped elsewhere.