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Advanced Midi Arpeggiator and Note Sequencer VST Plugin for Windows, will drive anything with a midi in!


This is now available for free as part of the HGS VST Collection

NOTE: This VST Plugin is 32-bit only

ARP is an advanced Polyphonic Arp and Note Sequencer with Scale Remapping for powerful sequencing possibilities. Sequences can be re-mapped based on the played note so for example a sequence can be forced to fit to the major scale. The idea behind this is to break away from the typical note sequencer where every key simply transposes the sequence, the ability to remap each note results in a much more creative sequence.

The Muter Section is a gate sequencer which decides which notes will play. ARP is also polyphonic and so can be used as a typical Gate Sequencer, or even more interesting as a polyphonic sequencer that syncopates. There is also the ability to offset the start note of each sequence so that when 2 notes are pressed together they automatically play syncopated. Finally there is OmniChorder which allows triggering up to another 2 notes when one note is pressed to create a chord, this becomes interesting when used with the Scale Remapper which can leave you with a selection of interesting one finger chords.

ARP 1.4 now also includes a tie row, for tieing notes together, a volume row and vol amount knob for alternative velocity sequencing, an Octave row which on a basic level will add an octave to current step but also includes more complex cycling modes, 3 CC Modulation Sequencing with independent tempo and step sizes for targeting any control change, a dedicated Velocity per step sequencer, and the ability to use channel 16 as a secondary midi source for re-pitching the entire ARP/Sequence output on the fly.

The demo version is fully featured, but times out after 30 minutes per session.


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