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Astralis FX VST

Multi Effects Plugin, using the Orgone FX Engine.


This is now available for free as part of the HGS VST Collection

Astralis FX is based on the Effects of the the Astralis Range of Synthesizers and offers a world of possibilities of Sound Transformation, ranging from Lush Pads to Industrial Destruction. The FX in Astralis Synths play a large part in shaping their sound, the idea with FX is that the same can be applied to any Live sound source sent through the plugin such as drumloops or Guitars etc.. It also includes a Modulation Sequencer and Programmable Gapper for creating Tempo Based Rhythm effects. It can be used as an insert or Send and the Effects can be used in 127 different possible Routings.

FX is also available as part of the Astralis VST Collection along with all other Astralis Products


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