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Astralis VST Collection

Includes all of the Astralis range, including Ammonite, Orgone, Bion, Bionic, Astralis A, Astralis B and FX.

This is now available for free as part of the HGS VST Collection

The Astralis VST Collection includes:

  • Ammonite – The current flagship synth with the depth of a planet.
  • Astralis A2 and B2 The original Astralis Synths updated to use the scala microtuning system.
  • Astralis Orgone Dual sample based synth with extensive features such as ARP, Microtuner, Modulation Sequencers, Trancegate, Modulation Mapper, 32 stage envelopes, extensive FX Section with Delay, Organic, Reverb, Echo, Filter, Ring Modulator plus more. See page/manual for full details
  • Astralis Bion Available to pack holders now, a Dual Oscillator Synth with many modes including FM, also has Soundscaper and all the standard features of Orgone. More information to come in the new year when released officially
  • Scala Creator VST Instrument for creating Microtonal Scales in the Scala Format. These can be used in the Astralis Synths, or any other that will accept .scl files.
  • Astralis FX VST Effect plugin utilizing the Astralis FX section for use as a send/insert.


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