Baby Bion v2

Synth that specializes in atmospheric sound due to the built in Soundscaper, uses Bion’s oscillator.

Product Description

NOTE: This VST Plugin is 32-bit only

Baby Bion is lightweight Synth using the Oscillator from the forthcoming Astralis Bion. It was designed primarily with SoundScaper in mind, the free FX plugin from hgsounds which can create Complex Undulating Collages. Baby Bion adds a Synth to create the Sound Source, as well as Flanger/Filter, a complex LFO and a couple of 32 stage Envelopes. Although it specializes in Soundscapes and Atmospheres, it can also be used as a general Lightweight Synth, the uniquely developed Dual Oscillator provides over 3500 different waveforms which can be mixed in many flexible ways including FM.

Product Features

      • Dual Oscillator - The Oscillator provides 2 waveforms which can be mixed using on of the many modes which includes A+B, A-B, Various FM Modes, Dual Pitch, Split and Distorted.
      • Filter - Cascadable up to 8 times and includes Low Passes, Hi Passes, Band Passes, Comb, Low Shelf, Hi Shelf and Peak.
      • 32 Stage Envelopes - Capable of Repeating Sections, One Envelope is for volume and the second is for the Filter and general purpose, assigned via the Modulation Routing.
      • Drive - Auto Volume Distortion
      • LFO - Uniquely Developed LFO with standard Shapes, plus custom shapes with Smooth Control.
      • SoundScaper - Comb / Delay / Reverb Effect for creating interesting soundscapes.
      • Flanger/Filter - Switchable between Flanger and Filter effect, LFO has over 300 predefined shapes with smooth control as well as standard shapes.
      • FX Routing - 3 different Paths available.
      • Modulation Routing - Multiple options for assigning Modulators to Destinations.
      • Stereo Spread - Allows setting a random value to the Pan of each voice.

Created with Synthedit, though much of the code that makes up Bion based synths is unique, additional modules are also created by .

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