Homegrown Complete 2010 – Huge Sample Collection

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Massive Collection of Loops, Breakbeats,Hits and Pads


This is the updated Homegrown Complete which also includes the sample Releases from 2010, which brings the collection to around 12GB+. Click on the links to see info on each individual collection.


Also includes the original Homegrown Complete – the following 14 sample CD/DVD titles which amounts to around 10GB of samples:


And finally it also includes:


  • Homegrown Sitar Loops –  recorded using a Jerry Jones Electric Sitar in 24-bit.
  • Acoustic Drum Grooves – Enormous collection of acoustic Drum Loops. All sounds are real drum recordings made on a couple of kits and have many ‘breakbeated’ variations, plus a some heavy compression loops (like Organic Breakbeats) as well as a few single hits and a few fills. Loops from this collection are used on the Frequency Arps demo. This is currently only available as part of Homegrown Complete 2010.
  • Waldorf Pulse Vol 1 – 200+ one shots and a few pads made with this classic synth, includes basses, hits, fx, bass drums etc… No effects were used, recorded directly into an MPC which adds a touch of warmth.



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