Homegrown Complete 2010 – Huge Sample Collection


Massive Collection of Loops, Breakbeats,Hits and Pads


This is the updated Homegrown Complete which also includes the sample Releases from 2010, which brings the collection to around 12GB+. Click on the links to see info on each individual collection.

Also includes the original Homegrown Complete – the following 14 sample CD/DVD titles which amounts to around 10GB of samples:

And finally it also includes:

  • Homegrown Sitar Loops –  recorded using a Jerry Jones Electric Sitar in 24-bit.
  • Acoustic Drum Grooves – Enormous collection of acoustic Drum Loops. All sounds are real drum recordings made on a couple of kits and have many ‘breakbeated’ variations, plus a some heavy compression loops (like Organic Breakbeats) as well as a few single hits and a few fills. Loops from this collection are used on the Frequency Arps demo. This is currently only available as part of Homegrown Complete 2010.
  • Waldorf Pulse Vol 1 – 200+ one shots and a few pads made with this classic synth, includes basses, hits, fx, bass drums etc… No effects were used, recorded directly into an MPC which adds a touch of warmth.



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