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Mesh VSTi

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Moog-like mono synth meets LFO Rhythm Machine

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This is now available for free as part of the HGS VST Collection

NOTE: This VST Plugin is 32-bit only

The idea behind Mesh was to create a Virtual Analogue mono synth in the style of the Minimoog with the addition of 5 Tempo based LFOs for exploring rhythmic potential. In comparison to previous Homegrown Synths, Mesh is very simple using 3 Oscillators and a Sub Oscillator to shape the sound, a single oversampled Low Pass Moog style filter, and 3 Envelopes. The LFOs can modulate most parameters, and there are several quantized pitch destinations to enable complex one finger sequences to be constructed. Add to this a compact effects section comprising of a Modulator, a Delay and SoundScaper and Finally an Arpeggiator which all adds up to a simple lightweight sonic playground.

The Oscillators provide the usual suspect waveforms such as Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle and Square, but also add a large selection of Digital Waveforms to expand it’s sonic capabilities. The filter can be oversampled up to 8 times which improves the quality of the sound as well as providing a different character for each of the modes.

Although Mesh is designed as a non velocity based Mono Synth, it can be used as a Polyphonic instrument, and velocity can also be enabled. There are also a set of modulation parameters for assigning Velocity, Aftertouch, Mod Wheel and Pitch to a wide selection of destinations.

The demo Version is fully functional apart from audio dropouts when the host is in playback mode.


1 review for Mesh VSTi

  1. kevin_c (verified owner)

    This synth is very playable and the presets are pretty much all useable straight out of the box. The sequences and basses are excellent and there a few really good analog pads. I also found it easy to program and its not over loaded with too many options so you don’t get diverted. Good work Andy!

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