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Moog-like mono synth meets LFO Rhythm Machine

Product Description

NOTE: This VST Plugin is 32-bit only

The idea behind Mesh was to create a Virtual Analogue mono synth in the style of the Minimoog with the addition of 5 Tempo based LFOs for exploring rhythmic potential. In comparison to previous Homegrown Synths, Mesh is very simple using 3 Oscillators and a Sub Oscillator to shape the sound, a single oversampled Low Pass Moog style filter, and 3 Envelopes. The LFOs can modulate most parameters, and there are several quantized pitch destinations to enable complex one finger sequences to be constructed. Add to this a compact effects section comprising of a Modulator, a Delay and SoundScaper and Finally an Arpeggiator which all adds up to a simple lightweight sonic playground.

The Oscillators provide the usual suspect waveforms such as Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle and Square, but also add a large selection of Digital Waveforms to expand it’s sonic capabilities. The filter can be oversampled up to 8 times which improves the quality of the sound as well as providing a different character for each of the modes.

Although Mesh is designed as a non velocity based Mono Synth, it can be used as a Polyphonic instrument, and velocity can also be enabled. There are also a set of modulation parameters for assigning Velocity, Aftertouch, Mod Wheel and Pitch to a wide selection of destinations.

The demo Version is fully functional apart from audio dropouts when the host is in playback mode.


Product Features

Main Features:

  • 256 Presets - Each Bank has it's own dedicated version of Mesh, the first has more emphasis on LFO Sequences, whilst Mesh Lead offers more traditional analogue style Basses and Leads.
  • Oscillators
    • 3 Oscillators each with a selection of 70 Waveforms, Octave, Semi and Fine Tuning.
    • 1 Sub Oscillator.
    • Oscillator 3 and White Noise can be routed to modulate Oscillator 1 Pitch.
    • 3 Envelopes for Volume, Filter Cutoff and a 3rd for either Noise/Pitch/Resonance or OSC3->OSC1 Pitch/Filter.
  • Oversampled Moog Style Low Pass Filter which can be oversampled 2x, 4x and 8x.
    • The Filter output can be fed back to modulate the cutoff and be routed back to the input for a gritty effect.
    • Noise can be used to modulate the filter cutoff.
    • Gentle Harmonic Drive for the filter to add some depth and colour.
  • Unison Mode – For doubling and detuning the sound. It can also be used alternatively to transpose the second output by 1 octave.
  • Master Drive – For some intense distortion.
  • Drift – Allows a random value for the pitch of each Oscillator which can fatten up the sound in an analogue way.
  • LFOs
    • 5 LFOs – Each can be locked to tempo/tempo independent, can be synced/run freely.
    • 135+ Waveforms - There are 100 custom wave shapes which are a series of 8 values which can be used to create a repeating musical pattern for pitch or filter, additionally a smooth value can transform them into curved shapes.
    • 37 Possible Destinations. - These include Quantized Pitches for semitones, Octaves, Fifths and Sevenths for creating complex rhythms.
    • Individual Amount and Rate Controls.
    • Global Rate/Amount Knobs – These knobs affect all of the LFOs simultaneously, the amount acts like a master volume control useful for scaling, and the rate multiplies the individual rates.
    • Envelopes – LFOs 3/4 have optional Envelopes with knobs to control Attack and Decay.
  • Effects
    • Modulator – Uses an LFO to achieve many different effects such as Flanger, Chorus, Phasers, Mod Delay, Pitch Shifters, FM and Ring Modulators.
    • Stereo Delay – A BPM locked Delay which has a simple list of time presets.
    • SoundScaper – Comb Effects, Reverbs and Endless Delays are the domain of SoundScaper.
  • Mono/Poly – Although primarily designed as a Mono Synth, Mesh is also a capable 16 poly synth at the push of a button.
  • Arpeggiator – Full featured arpeggiator with the usual modes plus a pattern selector which has 100 selectable patterns/selectable steps for creating more rhythmic Arpeggiations.
  • Randomizers – Each section has it's own randomize/Default buttons, as well as Global Sets for randomizing the entire synth.



  • New - Added a randomize to the LFO top bar for randomizing just the 1st 2 LFOs.
  • New - Global Randomizer which randomizes Oscillators, Filter ENV, ENV3, Filter and LFOs 1 & 2.
  • New - Individual Oscillator pitches + quantized versions, Main Quantized Pitch and Feedback added to ENV3 Destinations.
  • New - Added a Randomize button to the Envelope Header which randomizes just the Filter Envelope and Envelope 3.
  • New - 32 new Presets in the Presets folder (Mesh-Various.fxb).
  • Changes - Default preset improved and init fxb bank updated.
  • Fix - LFO Pitch could cause a crash with extreme LFO activity especially when randomising.
  • Fix - Non Quantized Pitch LFO destination has half resolution.
  • Fix - Pop-up Menu for patches now updates the display correctly when a bank is loaded via the internal Patch info display.
  • Note - Some Hosts such as Reaper don't allow multiple versions of the same plug-in unfortunately and will always load the same version even if they are visible. In this situation you must use the load fxb to use the alternative banks plus in the vst folder you could delete on of the dlls, so that your preferred sound set is loaded every time. For example if you always want the Mesh Lead sounds, then delete the Mesh DLL and leave the Mesh-Lead DLL.



  • NEW - Bank of 128 presets with a more traditional Analog Lead/Bass soundset.
  • NEW - Mesh Lead, a duplicate copy of Mesh with the new Lead soundset pre-loaded. Mesh is identical, it just an easy way to select the alternative soundset from within the host.
  • NEW - Added OSC3->Filter - Enabling this disables sending to OSC1.
  • NEW - Added Bass Cut Button.
  • NEW - Noise Envelope is now Envelope 3 and has 3 possible destinations: Noise, Pitch, Resonance and OSC3->Pitch/Filter.
  • NEW - Default patch has been tweaked.
  • FIX - Fixed Filter Default not setting default correctly.
  • FIX - Fixed Clicks happening occasionally.
  • FIX - Sound could blow out on a patch change in some hosts, this is now fixed.
  • FIX - ARP Randomize could cause a crash in some hosts.
  • FIX - Internal Patch Selector didn't work in FL


Additional Information

4.00 out of 5

1 review for Mesh VSTi

  1. 4 out of 5

    Rating by kevin_c on Jul 26th 2012:

    This synth is very playable and the presets are pretty much all useable straight out of the box. The sequences and basses are excellent and there a few really good analog pads. I also found it easy to program and its not over loaded with too many options so you don’t get diverted. Good work Andy!

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