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Pulse Control VSTi

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If you ever wished your Waldorf pulse had many more features such as Modulation Sequencers, then this is the product for you.

This is now available for free as part of the HGS VST Collection

NOTE: This plugin is for controlling a Hardware synthesizer called the Waldorf Pulse, the plugin is useless unless you actually own a Waldorf Pulse 🙂 It is also 32-bit only.
Pulse Control V1.2 takes the Waldorf Pulse into previously unknown territory adding three Modulation and three Gate Sequencers, an Advanced Arpeggiator/Sequencer with Scale Remapper, 2 Additional 32 Stage Envelopes, an Advanced programmable LFO, and local/Global Randomization. Using this plugin gives complete control over each of the Oscillators allowing independent Sequencing via the Modulation Sequencers. This allows creating complex one finger style sequences which will make you doubt that the pulse is a mono synth. Pulse Control additionally adds a second software based Modulation Matrix with 7 slots with most of the Pulses parameters available as Destinations.

Pulse Control also can be used on a basic level as an interface to the Pulses on-board parameters, all of which are displayed on the main page. For those who have a midi controller set up to control the Pulse, it will also control the plugin and full VST automation is supported. The plugin does not use the Pulses internal patch system, instead patches are store within the plugin/project and restored when reloaded like all other VST Instruments.

The plugin is available for any Windows VST host which allows sending Midi Out from a VST Plugin to external Midi Ports such as Reaper and Cantabile.

There is a fully functional demo available which will time out after 10 minutes of use, but other than that it it is identical to the paid version.

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