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Subsonic HeadDub – Rough & Ready (1995)

This is the RAW lofi original sound of Subsonic HeadDub


This is the RAW lofi original sound of Subsonic HeadDub, if you are looking for hifi production and clarity then look away… Most tracks are from 94-95, and were played at siren events before subsonic headDub evolved. One of the highlights is DroneJam which was popular on and is the only subsonic recording to feature faroe on bass.  Tracks 3 and 6 are actually Self Diagnosis, which features Hotknife on bass and Paul on Drums. This was another long lasting collaboration around the same period as these tracks were written and the only recorded material and so included in this collection. This is a lofi affair and features the tracks which sparked off the Subsonic HeadDub expedition.


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