Audio Morpher Beta Unlocked in the Group Buy

January 30, 2024, 9:56 pm

An Application for generating WAVs from existing folders of WAVs you drop in its pool. It is currently part of the SideTrack Group Buy and was unlocked by stage 3.


  • Reworked the Sample Browser, it now has the shortcuts the same as in SideTrack which is an area to drop folders which you use often. There is now a second place on the right for the Sample Pool Folders which are used to create the WAVs.
  • Added Keyboard Shortcuts;
    • [ – Reduce Playback Speed by 1/2
    •  ] – Increase Playback Speed x 2
    •  N – Reset Playback Speed
    •  M – Restart Playback
    •  . – Go to 80% Position
    •  , – Go to 50% Position
  • Fixed Reader Memory leak
  •  Implemented some Logging (log.txt)
  • Fixed a possible crash when loading WAVs from the browser.
  • Display now consistently updates when WAVs are loaded via the browser.
  • Various fixes/improvements.