SideTrack v0.6 Released as a Public Beta

January 17, 2024, 3:14 am

Starting with v0.6 Sidetrack is available as a public time limited Beta with the hope that it will encourage people to support development via the group buy. I’ll release the next couple of Betas this way and see how it goes:

  • New Wave Mode: WaveScan – This picks out a single cycle Waveform from a large WAV with Size, Pulse Width &  & Pulse Width Modulation. It also has Stack Mode which uses different loops for each Unison Voice.
  • New Wave Mode: Lofi Oscillator – This mode uses a Triangle, Saw, Square & Sine Sub Oscillator which are mixed to produce the sound. They are not band limited and so nice & dirty in the high registers. All but the Sub have start phase controls and the Square Wave supports Pulse Width/ Modulation. Additionally the Volumes are destinations in the Modulation Matrix. There are various modes for different combinations, so for example it’s possible to just have a SAW oscillator.
  • Lofi Oscillator Mod Modes – a Menu allows choosing a Modulation mode for the oscillators, there are various FM, RM & Sync Modes.
  • Decimater – New Effect on the Synth Voice for degrading the sound, it has a Frequency & a Mix Amount like the Bit Reduction, both are also Modulation Matrix Destinations.
  • New Post/Pre Voice FX Order – Modes have been added to use Bit Reduction, Saturation & Decimation in any order and positioned pre/post filter. Previously the Filter Routing did a bit of this, but now it has been simplified and the FX order has its own setting in the global section.
  • Modulation Matrix – a fourth panel has been added for the newer Oscillator Volumes. NOTE Some slots are still unused, but they will eventually have targets.
  • Modulation Matrix – Constant has been added as a source which provides a convenient fixed offset amount.
  • Modulation Matrix – Further optimisation, uses significantly less CPU.
  • Voice Stealing System – implemented a way of voice stealing that should

    eliminate clicks.

  • Envelopes – Release is now decoupled from the Beats time and has a fixed maximum time.
  • Added Help Enable to the main background menu so that the menu help text that appears at the top can be disabled.
  • Filter Panel now disables unused controls in the different Filter Modes.
  • Detune is disabled when the non related Unison modes are selected.
  • Added Labels to the Combi Popup Menus to categorise the options.
  • Numerous Optimisations.
  • Changed the method used for play markers, to save a bit of CPU. 32
  •  Mod Matrix Labels now reset on double click instead of a single click.
  • Polyphony Setting has been moved to a Combi Box rather than a knob.
  • Modulation Matrix knobs now use a single theme setting.
  • Improved GUI drawing efficiency.
  • Fix: LFOs didn’t affect Start Position correctly.
  • Fix: Colour Panel Text was too small.
  • Fix: Button/Combi Text moved up a bit.
  • Fix: Theme Colours added for Popup Menus; Background, Text and Header. Factory Themes updated.
  • Fix: Removed unused Colour IDs from popup Menus.
  • Fix: Loop is now always used for Cycle & WaveScan modes.
  • Fix: Pulse Width Improved when using Unison.
  • Fix: Load WAV cycle now respects the Auto setting.
  • Fix: BPM Labels renamed to BEATS.
  • Fix: LFOs now re-trigger reliably in Global Mode.
  • Fix: Right Click Quick Values on Knobs now sends to listeners correctly.
  • Fix: Wave Display Play Markers no longer animate when the Oscillator is disabled.
  • Fix: The Synth now responds correctly to a change in Samplerate.
  • Fix – LFO reset mode now initialised correctly.