Kit Creator updated to v0.99

June 19, 2022, 1:36 pm

This is a big update that’s seen a huge amount of work in terms of restructuring into a modular system and refining the small things. I think this really should be v1.0 but I want to see if anyone has any feedback. The formats conversion is still to come but that shouldn’t impact any existing features.


  • Added a new Pad Screen which shows which allows clicking on a pad and showing/enabling which of the folders are assigned. Pads can also be labelled and saved as label presets.
    • Pads will display folders faded if they do not have any folders assigned. Folders will be faded if they are not assigned to currently selected Pad.
    • Pad Screen allows drag & dropping multiple folders and drag & drop re-ordering.
    • Pad Panel shows which pads a folder is assigned to when hovering over a folder.
  • Folder Displays now have a right click menu that provides various options such as remove, clear, copy Path & open in Finder/Explorer.
  • Processing Panel added and all previous top controls moved to it, it has a modular design so different inputs, tasks and outputs can be assigned now as they are developed.
  • Possibility to randomize Volume, Pan and Release in existing folders of files.
  • Added options to enable/disable the numeric/Random name generators.
  • Numeric name now counts existing files and starts numbering at total+1.
  • Added Folder Size Display to Folders Panel and total at the top.
  • Folder Highlight Colour added to themes.
  • Folder Border added to themes.
  • Added Mouse Over highlight to the dummy folder box on the themes page so that Folder highlight can be previewed on that page.
  • Output Amount now displays ‘All’ instead of -1.
  • It’s now no longer possible to load the exact same directory twice.
  • Folder and Slider Headers were using the wrong Text Colour, should have been Header text.
  • Folders now support Drag & Drop to change the order instead of the up/down arrows.
  • Slider number labels now use the correct theme colour.
  • Slider panel parameter Enable controls moved to processing Panel.
  • Rewritten how the messages are used throughout the app, now hovering over controls will display messages at the top instead of through the Tooltip system.
  • Right click menu added to file displays with delete file/save etc…
  • Preset Table Border now uses the border colour correctly.
  • Manual rewritten to reflect the many changes.