Kit Creator Updated to v0.993

January 17, 2023, 12:06 am


  • Presonus Impact XT support added.
  • TAL-Sampler support added when exporting TAL-Drum presets for Sampler can also be exported at the same time. This is not available as a conversion source.
  • SFZ Export added, basic sample mapping that many samplers can import. This is not available as a source.
  • File conversion between most formats is now available. The conversion is based on the scope of Kit creator & so converts 16 Samples/Pads, Volume, Pan & Velocity. It should work with 3rd party presets but will ignore any extra samples or pads beyond the supported 16.
  • The Edit section has been completely replaced with a task based section to perform common tasks such as Reduce Pad Volumes etc.. as well as a search & Replace function for targeting the Raw text of the xml file.
  • Added the ability to edit & convert Sitala files with embedded samples.
  • Added a Debug option on the settings page which will leave the last created raw xml file in the output directory for those formats that compress their presets (Sitala, Live & Impact XL).
  • Spent some time working on the factors & balancing the formats against each other. The new factors will update when running the new version for the first time wiping out any user edits, so make a note if you’ve changed them. Whilst the factors can never be perfect due to the different ways samplers use values, I’m confident this is pretty good.
  • Added a default button that can restore the factors to the embedded settings at any time.
  • Fixed path issues with exported TAL & Sitala Kits.
  • The underlying system has been dramatically improved & Modularised further.
  • Hundreds of fixes & improvements under the bonnet to the export sections, they have all basically been rewritten or refined.
  • Re-organised the Process page to make it easier to see the exports & use more of the screen.