Kit Creator Updated to 0.994

January 20, 2023, 3:16 pm


  • Added Simple Mode. This exports everything to the same top folder structure with a global copy samples option. Primarily designed as a way to make a self contained portable folder with all releases. Works with all formats except MPC & Ableton Live which are special cases.
  • Option to create each type of preset in its own individual folder which makes things much more organised.
  • Simple mode is now the Default mode, the Advanced Mode Button can be used to get back to the individual settings.
  • Simple Mode saves the kit Creator preset to the common output folder.
  • Fixed some first time startup settings to sensible default values & updated Default file.
  • Overhauled & Improved backend Preset System.
  • Removed vertical bars on Utilities Page.
  • Fixed STOP not working in convert mode.
  • Added some Amp Release to TAL-Sampler generated presets.