Kit Creator updated to v0.997

February 5, 2023, 2:47 pm


  • Kits of up to 128 samples can now be created, they use the 16 Pad template for each set of 16 as a basis for samples, pan, volume & release, basically treated as multiple presets in one. With formats that support less Pads than the selected amount, multiple Kits will be saved with A, B, C, D etc appended to the name.
  • Preset Conversion now supports up to 128 single layer pads, with formats which have a smaller maximum Pad count multiple files will be created with A, B, C, D etc appended to the filename.
  • Edit has also been updated but not fully tested yet. Please report any issues.
  • KNOWN ISSUE – With Ableton, it’s a tricky format to work with due to only using having data for pads which have a sample assigned. At the moment conversion may not work correctly if there any gaps in the pads, ie; Kit Creator currently expects a sample assigned to consecutive pads. A conversion ‘from’ may also map samples to different pads if the 1st pad isn’t set to C1. Improving this is on the todo list.
  • Ableton Live code has been rewritten so that it now only needs a single Assigned pad in a template to use as a reference. If multiple layers are not found then this will be used as a basis. This format is tricky to deal with as it only creates instrument layers when they are assigned a sample. This new method allows using anything between a complex template preset or one with a simple single Pad layer.
  • Speedrum Code has been switched into dealing with xml rather than ValueTree which brings it inline with all other formats.
  • Changed Ableton Backup folders to more instructional ‘Copy to’ folder names.
  • Fixed Divide by Zero error on.
  • Numerous changes & improvements that wouldn’t mean anything to anyone.
  • Fixed double percentage sign on TX16Wx exports.