Kit Creator updated to v0.998

February 12, 2023, 5:58 pm


  • Choke/Mute groups are now supported for Speedrum, MPC, Ableton Drum Rack, Impact XT & TAL-Drum. 8 drum groups are supported which is the maximum Speedrum allows. TAL-Drum works differently as it has pre assigned voice groups, the groups are converted to this format but there is currently no conversion from TAL-Drum to choke group, whereas all other formats that use the standard method can be imported (with a maximum of 8 groups).
  • MPC Previews are now generated, it is a simple chain of the samples in Ogg Vorbis format.
  • Kit Creator now uses a User Words list which is stored in the ‘User’ Folder. If it doesn’t exist the default wordlist will be copied there. This means you can edit it without fear it will be replaced by program updates.
  • Folder Panel now only shows the Folder name instead of the full path, the full path is still shown at the top when hovering and can be copied or opened from the right click menu.
  • Added per folder option for whether it should scan recursively (scan sub folders).
  • Added per Folder option for reversing the Samples in Formats that support it. Probability can also be used to decide based on chosen percentage.
  • Added per Folder option for semitone tune offset for exports that support it. This can either be a fixed value per folder or one of a set of random modes for setting random semitone offsets.
  • Added per Folder option for whether One Shot Mode should be used, this plays the entire sample & therefore Release will no longer do anything.
  • Preset Estimates now reflect the number of Pads used & adjust accordingly.
  • Wordlist is now alphabetically sorted & a few words have been removed.
  • Fixed: a multiplier was making the volume quieter than it should have been when generating presets.
  • Fixed Clear Pads didn’t always work & on rare occasions all Pads & folders would be removed.
  • Fixed occasional crash if a pad doesn’t have folders assigned.
  • Fixed issue with non existent Layers when converting from Speedrum.