New Website is Live!

March 10, 2021, 5:16 pm

I’m still working on it for the next few days, so it isn’t quite ready for public consumption but I’m leaving it up so people can access the downloads. Just bear in mind it may not be consistently stable as I continue to make changes.

It’s been a massively frustrating challenge for me over the last year to keep the order history intact and update to the modern age. Hopefully I’ve managed it. I’ve had to completely rewrite the file management code, but it should hopefully be a little better as a result. It now sort by newest Orders and Newest files and uses an Accordion so you are not faced with a huge List of files. Those of you with a lot of products know what I’m talking about!

Your Order history may not be visible, but if you make a new order, even a free product, it should reappear. The downloads are correct however and everything you own is available.

In other changes, I’ve decided to make all of the VST Instruments/Effects free. They are all very old now and I’m unable to support them, so I’d rather they were available than removed from the world.