New Website is Live!

March 10, 2021, 5:16 pm

I’m still working on it for the next few days, so it isn’t quite ready for public consumption but I’m leaving it up so people can access the downloads. Just bear in mind it may not be consistently stable as I continue to make changes.

It’s been a massively frustrating challenge for me over the last year to keep the order history intact and update to the modern age. Hopefully I’ve managed it. I’ve had to completely rewrite the file management code, but it should hopefully be a little better as a result. It now sort by newest Orders and Newest files and uses an Accordion so you are not faced with a huge List of files. Those of you with a lot of products know what I’m talking about!

Your Order history may not be visible, but if you make a new order, even a free product, it should reappear. The downloads are correct however and everything you own is available.

In other changes, I’ve decided to make all of the VST Instruments/Effects free. They are all very old now and I’m unable to support them, so I’d rather they were available than removed from the world.

AirWaves and Movement Updated + Kontakt Sale

January 10, 2020, 12:18 am

AirWaves MainBoth AirWaves and Movement have both been updated to add Kontakt 6 Specific Instruments. They include all of the new 6 Features such as the high quality Modulation, Delay and Reverb Effects as well as implementing Drag and Drop Support for easily using custom Samples. These versions also add an additional formant filter per synth with accompanying XY Sequencers with Talk and Formant Size.

This is a major update to the Instrument which has been redesigned to make it easier and much more logical to use.

To coincide with these updates both products are on sale for $19.99 as well as most other Kontakt Instruments.

Serenity Wavetable Group Buy for Kontakt 6

January 9, 2020, 11:43 pm

Serenity MainKinetic MainThe Serenity Group Buy focuses primarily on the Wavetable support added in Kontakt 6 as well as providing an extensive collection of Wavetables. The Wavetables were made by sampling a Novation Peak, Virus TI as well as various other Synths. Initially 700 Wavetables are included and they are also compatible with any Synth that can load Serum Wavetables. A couple of Midi Instruments as well as a Euclidean Drum Machine are also planned. As with the previous Kontakt Group buys the Instruments are developed as the Group Buy Progresses.

Level 2 has already been achieved and so Serenity and Kinetic Wavetable Synths  with 700 Wavetables are already available.

The Group Buy costs $24.99 to join and will run for approximately 3 months.

More Information

Midi Recorder Released

July 20, 2019, 7:32 pm

Midi RecorderA very simple FREE Instrument for Kontakt that just Records whatever Midi Input it receives and the Recording can be dragged to your DAW or desktop. By selecting OMNI as the Midi input it can record Multi-Channel input and also export as a Single track file or Multiple Tracks.

Product Page

Kosmology updated to v1.492

May 31, 2019, 12:31 pm

Fixed an out of sync problem which only occurred in Cubase 10. No need to update unless you experience out of sync behaviour.

ARP Stream for Kontakt Released

March 29, 2019, 6:45 am

ARP Stream MainARP Stream is a modular style complex Sequencer with an Arpeggiator at it’s core. It features many different ways of manipulating pitch and tempo which can all interact with each other which makes it fascinating to explore. It also has 3 CC Sequencers which can target any CC number and also includes a profile Editor for making your own specific correctly named profiles for hardware etc.

Altogether there are 11 Sequencers. The top 4 target the usual suspects; Trigger, velocity, Note Length and Octave Offset whereas the bottom 4 are where things start to get interesting. The Repeat Sequencer serves 2 purposes, the first is the ability to play sub Gate Sequences. Each Step allows selecting the number of repeats and which Grid will be used if any. Secondly Every other Sequencer has an ‘RP’ Button which when enabled will repeat ‘X’ Repeats before moving forward.

ARP Stream Page

Dark Matter and Succession Pro Updated

March 11, 2019, 6:49 pm

Dark Matter MainDark Matter is updated to v1.1:

  •  Added the ‘Red Matter’ Instrument which uses a standard Pattern based System rather than Snapshots
  • Random Volume Sequencer now disregards the ‘Full V’ setting.
  • Added Copy To All and Remix functions.
  • Added Row options Menu
  • Random Slice now quantized to 1/4 to make them more useful especially for Drums.
  • Added ALT/OPTION Vertical Editing for all Pattern knobs, Sequencer Rows still behave the same as they did previously.

Succession Pro updated to v1.22:

  •  Added Light Indicators for the Mute Triggers

Emergent Properties for Kontakt Released

March 1, 2019, 3:52 pm

Emergent Properties MainEmergent Properties is an Advanced Wave Sequencer which has a main Melodic sequencer plus 2 additional Drum sequencers. The main Sequencer is designed around complex Wave Sequencing using a large collection of  over 1000 Morphing Samples which evolve through different sounds. Each sequencer has it’s own Step length and the Bank, Wave and Slice sequencers add up to determine which Sample will be played. Additionally there are 30 Different Modes selected via the Mode sequencer lane, which can radically change the sound such as LFO Chopping, Reverse, Phasing and Talk type Modulation effects.

There are also 2 Dedicated drum Modules available with dedicated Sequences, each of which have their own Tempo Clock Division. There is a total of 635 Drum Sounds which are divided into 9 Banks. The first 5 are Kits where 1-50 are Bass drums, 51-80 are hi-hats and the remaining 48 are Snares which are followed by Dedicated Bass drum, Snare and Hi-hat Banks.

Emergent Properties

Succession Pro Released

February 8, 2019, 3:43 pm

Succession Pro mainSuccession Pro is an Advanced Sequencer/Drum Machine which uses 4 Sequencers and 4 Synths. Any sequencer can target any or all of the synths making it a very flexible system. It uses 12 Patterns which hold all Sequencing data which are switched either by using the GUI buttons, or a dedicated Octave on your Keyboard (shown in red on the Kontakt Midi Keyboard Display). The idea is that you perform these patterns using this switching to create unique and complex Sequences easily. The Scale Remapper, automatically re-pitches so that Sequences always align with the Scale and can be used Globally or use a different Scale for each pattern.

Each of the 4 Sequencers use a Trigger sequencer which determines when notes are played, anything above zero will trigger and additionally the value used can sequence Velocity, Sample Start or Waveform IDs or any combination. There is also a Pitch sequencer which has it’s own step length and frequency for creating syncopation. It has it’s own internal preset system like all other HGS Kontakt Instruments as well as a sophisticated Randomization system for easily generating Presets even at the global level. Finally there is an FX section which has a Modulator (Chorus, Flanger or Phaser), a Tempo delay and a Reverb with 50 Impulse Responses.

Product Page

Workflow example:

Dark Matter for Kontakt Released

January 18, 2019, 12:53 am

Dark Matter MainDark Matter is an Advanced Loop Re-Sequencer which works with tempo synced Loops in a variety of ways. It has 13 Sequencer Rows and uses 889 loops across 7 Banks at it’s core which includes Synth Sequences, Morphing Sounds, Radio Sounds, Drum Hits and Loops. Sections of any of these can be selected on each step using the Slice Sequencer which allows and of 16 start points to be chosen. There are also 22 modes for each bank that include things such as LFO Chops and reverse modes.

The Main Sequencer can have different step lengths per Row which allows building complex polyrhythmic sequences easily and quickly. It can run freestyle or be forced to reset every X steps. A major focus of the sequencer is that every knob can be recorded as DAW automation so it is possible to evolve a sequence throughout a mix.

There is also a snapshot feature which features 12 virtual Sequences which can be copied from the main Sequencer. They are either triggered via a dedicated octave of Midi Triggers, or the buttons can be automated. The send to snapshot buttons can also be automated and so there is the creative freedom to make snapshots as part of the performance.

The snapshots are rolled out to 16 steps from the polyrhythmic sequence, which means they are always in sync. Also Because shifting a polyrhythmic sequence left/right is impossible should you want to change the start step, it can be copied to a snapshot, shifted and sent back which works most of the time. There are two playback modes defined by the Edit switch. With the edit switch off, the knobs of the main Sequence are hidden but the snapshot will play back meaning that Automation will not overwrite the snapshot. When not automating edit mode provides full editing so it can be used more like a traditional pattern Sequencer.

There are Randomizers for every row and column and lots of Randomize custom options. It also has a feature for adding random values to a row and a probability to determine how often it happens. There is also a Probability Row which determines how often selected steps will trigger.

More Information

Circular Group Buy Announced (14 Products)

December 4, 2018, 9:24 pm

Circular MainThis years Group Buy has the potential to achieve a total of 15 Products for just $19.99. There are six Kontakt Instruments which will be developed throughout the Group Buy which include Synths, Loop Manglers, a Midi ARP, and a Drum Machine. Circular, a synth which is based around cycling different Waveforms per note is immediately available to kick things off. As well as the Kontakt Instruments, 5 Levels will unlock Bonus Product credits  which can be used choose from a range of 56 products from the back catalogue. The products range from Kontakt Instruments to Synth Presets, Sampled content to VST Instruments. Even if you don’t use Kontakt it can be worthwhile to join to get a potential 5 products you may be interested in.

These Group Buys are now becoming an annual event beginning with Cassetto and last years Augment. Because the instruments are developed as the Group Buy progresses, it is estimated that it will run for 3 months to give enough time to complete all of the development. Last year ran at a steady pace so that products were always available as the level was reached, each product is developed in series and will hopefully be ready for each level. Last year saw some great ideas come up through the discussion thread which helped to shape the final instruments, which makes it an interactive experience for those interested.

All Kontakt Instruments require the full version of Kontakt 5 or later and will not run in the player.

Join the Group Buy
Group Buy Discussion.

Allure for Serum Released

September 17, 2018, 2:32 pm


A collection of 80+ presets for the Virtual Synthesizer Serum created by Xfer Records. The collection mainly consists of Pads and Atmospheric Sounds with plenty of movement. All Presets make good use of the Modulation Wheel and Aftertouch for added expression capabilities.

Allure costs $19.99.

Product Page

Blue Yonder for Diva Released

September 2, 2018, 5:00 pm

Blue Yonder CoverA collection of 85 Presets for U-HE Diva. The sounds are mostly Pads with a few keys and Arps. They are full of motion and every preset makes use of the Modulation Wheel and Aftertouch for added expression.

Blue Yonder costs $19.99 but is available for an introductory price of just $14.99.

A video demonstrating some of the Presets:

 Product Page

Gravity Wave for Kontakt 5 Released

August 2, 2018, 1:23 pm

Garvity-Waves-MainGravity Wave adapts the synth engine from Fragments with the goal of building a unique sounding atmospheric synth. Gravity Wave uses very long waveforms which increases the complexity of the end result forming unique landscapes sometimes reminiscent of the Korg Wavestation. The samples used come from the previous releases of Fragments, Air Waves and Air Tones although they have been reprocessed into very long complex waveforms from which the sounds are pulled. Having the combination of the Radio Waves and Musical Sounds, it can make for some very interesting and unique Pads when mixed together.

Gravity Wave has 2 Synthesizers each using 8 sequencers to Sequence the Volume, Filter Cutoff, Loop Length, Loop start, Pan, Drive Amount, Delay Send and Reverb Send. This is a huge amount of Motion available to shape the character. In terms of sample playback, the loop start and length allows moving around the underlying samples, and because they are large results in unique and surprising sequences.

Gravity waves costs $39.99.

Product Page

This video demonstrates a few of the included 100 Presets: