Kosmos Sequencer for Kontakt 5 Manual



The Kosmos sequencer consists of 8 Sequencer Instances. Each Instance has 7 sequencers, one assigned to pitch, one to velocity and 5 freely assignable to a selection of possible destinations. Each Instance is triggered in real-time via the midi keyboard triggers which a re highlighted in red on the Kontakt Keyboard display. Each Instance is a completely unique entity and so can have different destinations, tempos, step sizes etc… The only parameters which are shared between all instances are the Master Note ‘Length’ and the ‘Quantize’ value. This gives a serious amount of scope for building diverse sequences, especially as they can be switched in real-time!

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HGSounds has moved to a New Server and added 2 new file servers

In response to the deterioration in speed over the last month, HGSounds has now moved to a new UK server with the addition of two file servers, one in London and the other in Dallas. Between the 3 locations everyone should be able to get good download speeds at all times. The download script has also had a rewrite to be reliable with larger files, so that now products such as Kosmos Infekted are a single 2GB download as opposed to multiple parts. Hopefully there will be no more problems, especially as download sizes have increased recently with the newer releases. On the downloads page you will now notice the 3 different download links per file.

Kosmos Classics Released for Kontakt


A huge collection of 800+ diverse sampled instruments for Kontakt 4/5 which is fronted by the unique Kontakt script called Kosmos. Kosmos recreates a feature rich dual oscillator synthesizer where the samples become selectable waveforms. With a finely tuned randomization function it is possible to easily create unique sounds on the fly with very little effort, with either global randomize or the local randomizers of each section. There is also a single instrument version of Kosmos for the original 800 instruments which allows the same degree of control.

Full details HERE.

Kosmos v1.2 released for Kontakt 4/5 – Infekted/Starburst K updated

Kosmos the unique Synth script has been re-written from the ground up for Kontakt 4 and 5.  As well as looking much prettier than than Kontakt 3 version, it takes the Kosmos concept as far as it can go with over 2500 lines of code to create a true dual synth engine. It now includes 3 tempo synced LFOs to modulate individual Filter Cutoffs, Volumes and Pitch, as well as having separate controls for Waveform, Pan, Tune, Velocity, Env->Filter and Filter Type. Additionally the Sequencer has been rewritten and improved, it has 3 sequencers one for Play/Pitch, Velocity and Note Length all of which can have independent step lengths.

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Kosmos v1.2 for Kontakt 4/5 Manual

Kosmos is a scripted Virtual Analog style Synth Script for Kontakt designed to be a front end for high quality sample libraries. The idea was to create a powerful yet easy to edit dual Synthesizer for using HGSounds sample libraries as virtual Oscillators. Each section has it’s own randomizer and and can be included/excluded from the Global Randomizer. The amount of Randomization for most parameters can also be adjusted. Kosmos also includes a polyrhythmic polyphonic Sequencer.

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Starburst Kontakt Gets Kosmos Synth update

Kosmos is a scripted front end for Kontakt v3 and above designed to create an easy to use dual oscillator synthesizer. Besides being a front end for the Homegrown Sample libraries, the main goal was to move away from the idea of fixed presets inside Kontakt and to provide a simple method of randomizing new instruments on the fly, whilst providing enough controls to tweak the sounds to taste. This leads to a much more unique preset than using pre-defined presets and is a creatively rewarding way to work as opposed to scrolling through presets. In essence Kosmos is an attempt to import some of the best features of HGS synths into Kontakt. It also includes a Gate Sequencer.

Starburst K Page | Kosmos Manual

Radiance is released for Sampletank

Radiance provides a varied collection of beautiful pads, synths, landscapes and textures and can enhance any music/multimedia project. This collection has now been ported to Sampletank making use of ST to create child presets to provide variations on the original instruments. It can also be used with the free version of Sampletank.

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Starburst Released for Padshop Pro

Starburst is now released for Padshop Pro with a staggering 1400+ Presets across 13 Style Categories. The original Virus TI sounds have now had some Granular treatment in this collection providing  a huge collection of Beautiful pads and Textures. Each style folder uses a different template to get the most out of the WAVS such as Slow Attack, Dual Synth versions, Stabs and so on.

Full Information

VSTs updated to installers – Ammonite updated to v1.22

I’ve taken some time to simplify all the older products by updating them all to installers, in the future simply select your vstplugin folder and that’s it. All products live in a HGSounds/Product Name directory, so if you use an installer and already have one installed you may need to manually delete the old version first.

Secondly Ammonite has been updated to v1.22:

  • Fixed a bug with the Microtonal Scale Menu.
  • Added a new Filter called ‘Mellow LP’ – It’s an odd one which sounds a bit grungy and is not very resonant but it has an interesting character.

I’ve started working on an ARP update which will be released in the next few weeks, and I will also be tackling Vortex shortly afterwards.

Starburst Released for Kontakt and Sampletank

Starburst is released for either Kontakt/SFZ/WAV or Sampletank, a hand crafted selection of pads created on the Virus TI Synthesizer. The TI is a superb synthesizer for creating organic sounding Pads and this collection is an opportunity to replicate this sound inside your sampler. Each instrument is made up of at least 5 multi-samples ensuring smooth transitions across the instrument. Whilst this is primarily a pads collection the instruments are mostly designed to be melodic so that they are useful across the board wherever lush synths are required. For Kontakt and Sampletank, there are many child presets which make good use of the supported sample engines.

There is a demo containing 2 instruments in both Sampletank and Kontakt formats available here.

Starburst is available for:

Virus TI | Kontakt/SFZ/WAV | Sampletank | Padshop Pro