Kosmos Infekted gets a Great review on buenasideas.de

The Review is in German,

If you can’t read German then here is an English version in PDF format. Below is the Conclusion in English:


“I’m honestly surprised, how the Kontakt sampler has become a synthesizer here. Sure, the original Virus may certainly sound a bit punchier and has faster envelopes and of course not all the possibilities of the original can be given here. But hey, this is a soundlibrary! For Kontakt. And it sounds really good, behaves better and the sounds can be edited more extensively than in other VSTi synthesizers. And that with original samples of the Virus TI!

Sure you have to live with some limitations, for example, that you cannot fluently switch or fade between the waves or the slightly higher CPU load when starting to play with the by “Kosmos v2″ offered bag of tricks. But it is owed to the architecture of a sampler. Even if you get over the fact of working with a sampler sometimes, when playing around with “Infekted”.

Overall, I like the whole package really well. The sounds are certainly primarily usable for the colleagues of the electronic genre, but in my opinion that’s just what they are made for. From simple tight basses to complex ambient textures a lot can be found here, and most of all: can be created by yourself. Because the plenty of more than 500 sounds for “Kosmos v2″ only serves as basics. And not, as with many other libraries, as final product.

This all combined with the amazing abilities of the step sequencer named „Kosmos v2“. Superb.

Well, of course the price moves around the region of other complete sample libraries and may be higher than for some VSTi synth, but you get the almost identical sound of the original with extensive sound shaping possibilities. And you know the original cost you a lot more.

And to get the bow back to the introduction:
Yes, those who seek the sound of the virus will find it and will also be very well served here, with just a few drawbacks that arise from sampling, and of course the fact that not the pure waves and wavetables of the virus were sampled here.

And, yes again, I am „Infekted“ :)


Kosmology Analog Released for Kontakt 5

kosmology-AnalogThe sound of the Elektron Analog Four has entered the world of Kosmology. Even though the instruments are more on the experimental side compared to the previous Kosmology Releases, the end result is a quite surprisingly mellow sample set, filled with lots of movement and discovery when sequencing. These Instruments were designed specifically for use with Kosmology to bring some of the warmth and characteristics from the excellent sounding Analog Synthesizer which has it’s own very distinct character.

All 200 instruments are multi-sampled, using 4 samples per instrument at 24-bit using pure synthesis with very few effects. Whilst many sounds are chromatically useful, there are also plenty of FX instruments throughout the collection to add some nice surprises and interests whilst Wave Sequencing. Although Kosmology is not really about presets considering how easy and fun it is to make your own, there are Fifty Presets included and of course presets from other Kosmology Releases can also be opened.

Kosmology Analog Product Page

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Spark Infekted Released

Spark-InfektedSpark Infekted brings 500+ Basses, Leads, Synths and Pads into the excellent Spark Creative Drum Machine library. The sounds are all designed with an Access Virus TI Synthesizer. The samples themselves are mostly musically useful as opposed to wild Sound Effects, and are categorized by Collection and type as Bass, Leads, Synths and Pads. By default the instruments have a short decay time although they are large samples and so can be played for a much longer time, and additionally moving the start position can change the character.

Inside Spark all instruments must be created within a project to be visible inside the instrument browser, and so the sounds are in the form of 53 Projects to house the instruments. Each Instrument has a parametric EQ inserted for ease of mixing when used in your own projects, and a template is also available which includes a standard drum kit for slots 1-9 followed by 2 Basses, 2 Leads, 2 Synths and 2 Pads taking up slots 9-16. This makes selecting instruments much easier as the categories are predefined and so the browser will automatically open in the correct category.

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Kosmology Evolution Released and Kosmology Updated to v1.1

Kosmology-MainThe Second Kosmology Installment has arrived, created exclusively for Kosmology, the advanced Sequencing system for Kontakt 5. In comparison to Awakenings it has a slightly harder edge, and also includes a few more FX type sounds with lots of movement which are interesting when modulating the Sample Start Position. It was designed using a DSI Evolver and takes advantage of both the Analog and the Digital side of this amazing instrument. All sounds were created from scratch for this collection and definitely bring the Evolvers unique sound into Kosmology for Sequencing Fun.

All 200 instruments are multi-sampled, using 4 samples per instrument at 24-bit using pure synthesis with very few effects. For the most part they have the Filter Wide Open so they can be upfront and powerful, whilst they can be tamed easily using Kosmology itself. Whilst most sounds are chromatically useful, there are a few effect, detuned and drop instruments scattered throughout the collection to add some nice surprises and interests whilst Wave Sequencing. Fifty new Presets are added using Evolution which adds to the existing 70+ Kosmology presets (all Kosmology presets can be loaded into any Kosmology based Instrument)

Also included are Kosmology Instruments for both Kosmos Classics and Infekted if you own either of these collections!

Kosmology v1.1 Update

Kosmology has also been updated to v1.1 and can be downloaded by all Awakenings users from your downloads page. v1.1 has the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug when randomizing the Synth Sections where the playing sequence would not update the filter type correctly until a new Sequence was triggered.
  • Added ‘Kosmology Lite’ Instruments – These use just synth A for a more spacious sound and use less CPU than the full Kosmology (better for intensive Polyphonic Sequencing). They can load the standard Kosmology Presets but anything relating to Synth B is either disabled or remapped.
  • Impulse response Type is no longer randomized when using the Global Randomizer for a single Instance.
  • Added 50 new presets for ‘Evolution’ – All Kosmology Presets can be used in any Kosmology Instrument, even though the samples will be different.
  • Added Load and Save buttons to the Browser panel to make Saving Presets easier without having to go into the Master Menu.

Kosmology Evolution
Kosmology Awakenings

Sequlation for DSI Evolver Released

DSI-EvolverSequlation is a set of 128 Presets for the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver with the intention of providing a professional & creative set of musically useful Sequences. The Evolver can be a wild beast capable of extreme insanity, this collection sets out to prove it also has a calmer musical side, but of course each preset can easily be coaxed back to the brink if you so wish.  The Sequences cover a broad spectrum of styles, and are also excellent starting points for adapting to your own style. Aftertouch and Mod Wheel assignments are used throughout for real time manipulation.

Listen to the demo sounds to get an idea of what’s included and let your ears be the judge!

3 different Sysex files are provided of the Bank which use either Sequence Mode, Gate Re-trigger Mode or Gate Mode respectively depending on which mode you prefer. The Bank will be loaded into Bank B, so be sure to backup your old bank first if uploading directly. It can be uploaded to the Evolver using your usual method such as Midi-Ox or the Sound Tower application etc…

Just $20 until 2nd April

Product page

Kosmology – Awakenings Released for Kontakt 5

Kosmology-MainKosmology is an Advanced Performance Sequencing Tool in comparison with many other Kontakt products, it is not a sample library with a few bells and whistles, rather it’s a Music Composition tool which is bundled with a collection of sounds. Although there are a number of presets included, it is designed to be fun and to intuitively build your own complex grooves quickly. In a nutshell you build up to 8 instances which can be switched and manipulated by a series of triggers in real-time. Each Instance contains a Pitch Sequencer, Velocity sequencer, 5 freely assignable Sequencers (from a list of 46 Destinations) and 48 Synth Parameters. Each Instance can have completely different settings and assignments, which gives an enormous amount of freedom for creating unique grooves.

Wave Sequencing

The Golden Crown of Kosmology is undoubtedly the fact that it can perform Wave Sequencing which means that you can assign a sequencer to select the currently playing instruments from all the included Sampled instruments. Both Synth A and B can be targeted individually which leads to instant satisfaction, creating an original sounding sequence can be as easy as selecting Wave A/B in a sequencer and hitting the Random Button.

Kosmology Product Page

Playing with Presets Video | Preset from Scratch Video |
Walkthrough 1 Video | Walkthrough 2 Video | Walkthrough 3 Video

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Kosmos updated to v1.5

kosmos-large-edit-modeThe major new feature is the large screen editor which displays the Pitch editor and a second editor, which can be assigned to either Velocity or Seqs 1-5. This provides much finer control without having to use the mouse modifier key and is also less distracting not seeing all sequences at once. As with the standard view, the display will change to reflect the currently selected instance. It is enabled via the ‘E’ button in the top right master section.

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Kosmos Updated to v1.4


The Kontakt 5 instruments in Kosmos Infekted, Kosmos Classics, Starburst and Kosmonaut are all updated to v1.4.

  • Individual tempo divisions – The Velocity Sequencer and Sequencers 1-5 now have their own tempo division, when set to Off it will follow the master Instance tempo as in previous versions.
  • 13 new Play Modes with some new experimental modes.
  • GUI improved with a cleaner look.
  • ‘Live Mode’ – By switching this off you can stop the GUI changing to the currently playing Instance making it easier to edit an instance even when another one is playing.
  • Save Single Instance – This will save just the current instance instead of all 8, when loaded it will replace the currently visible instance.
  • Default Template – You can now save the current state of the Kosmos sequencer to a default file so that you can decide how you want the sequencer to be set up when the Default Button is pressed. It can also be loaded via the Master menu by selection ‘Load Default.’
  • Fixed: Oscillator random had no effect in the Single presets.
  • Fixed: Save all and Copy to All errors.
  • Fixed: Half Tempo and Half Tempo/Latched doubled the steps of the Pitch sequencer.