Kit Creator Updated to 0.994

January 20, 2023, 3:16 pm


  • Added Simple Mode. This exports everything to the same top folder structure with a global copy samples option. Primarily designed as a way to make a self contained portable folder with all releases. Works with all formats except MPC & Ableton Live which are special cases.
  • Option to create each type of preset in its own individual folder which makes things much more organised.
  • Simple mode is now the Default mode, the Advanced Mode Button can be used to get back to the individual settings.
  • Simple Mode saves the kit Creator preset to the common output folder.
  • Fixed some first time startup settings to sensible default values & updated Default file.
  • Overhauled & Improved backend Preset System.
  • Removed vertical bars on Utilities Page.
  • Fixed STOP not working in convert mode.
  • Added some Amp Release to TAL-Sampler generated presets.

Kit Creator Updated to v0.993

January 17, 2023, 12:06 am


  • Presonus Impact XT support added.
  • TAL-Sampler support added when exporting TAL-Drum presets for Sampler can also be exported at the same time. This is not available as a conversion source.
  • SFZ Export added, basic sample mapping that many samplers can import. This is not available as a source.
  • File conversion between most formats is now available. The conversion is based on the scope of Kit creator & so converts 16 Samples/Pads, Volume, Pan & Velocity. It should work with 3rd party presets but will ignore any extra samples or pads beyond the supported 16.
  • The Edit section has been completely replaced with a task based section to perform common tasks such as Reduce Pad Volumes etc.. as well as a search & Replace function for targeting the Raw text of the xml file.
  • Added the ability to edit & convert Sitala files with embedded samples.
  • Added a Debug option on the settings page which will leave the last created raw xml file in the output directory for those formats that compress their presets (Sitala, Live & Impact XL).
  • Spent some time working on the factors & balancing the formats against each other. The new factors will update when running the new version for the first time wiping out any user edits, so make a note if you’ve changed them. Whilst the factors can never be perfect due to the different ways samplers use values, I’m confident this is pretty good.
  • Added a default button that can restore the factors to the embedded settings at any time.
  • Fixed path issues with exported TAL & Sitala Kits.
  • The underlying system has been dramatically improved & Modularised further.
  • Hundreds of fixes & improvements under the bonnet to the export sections, they have all basically been rewritten or refined.
  • Re-organised the Process page to make it easier to see the exports & use more of the screen.

DigiTs for kontakt Released

October 30, 2022, 2:28 pm

DigiTs is a lightweight instrument for Kontakt 6 which uses 127 multi-sampled oscillators from an Elektron Digitone for a solid selection of FM Tones. The synth engine cross-fades between 2 of these oscillators either using an LFO or the Modulation Wheel.

Up to 127 user samples can also be loaded via Drag & Drop.

DigiTs is priced at $29.99 but is available for the introductory price of $14.99 for a couple of weeks.

Transition updated to v1.2

October 9, 2022, 1:06 pm

Transition updated to v1.2

  • Modulation Wheel Mode now included for manual cross fading using the Mod Wheel.

Transition updated to v1.1

  • User Samples mode added, up to 127 samples can be added via drag & drop via the ‘SAMPLE MANAGER’ Panel, the ‘USER’ button switches to using these samples.
  • The instrument now allows setting LFO re-trigger via the GUI rather than needing a separate instrument using the ‘RETRIG’ button.

Transition for Kontakt Released

October 1, 2022, 12:05 pm

Transition is a very lightweight/low memory Instrument which is designed around the idea of crossading between 2 waveforms using an LFO. The included 127 waveforms were multi-sampled at 96khz from a Korg NTS-1 using various different Oscillator Models. They are single cycle & so use very little memory & sound very clean & strong. The NTS-1 is a great little synth that allows loading 3rd party oscillators & some of these are very interesting.

Available for the intro price of just $14.99

Batch xFader updated to v1.1.5

September 3, 2022, 11:38 pm


  • Fixed loop end marker errors in re-sampled exports.


  • Export types would only export if original was also selected, now you can just select any you want.


  • If Midi Note isn’t found in the header or filename, it will now look to the very end of the filename to see if there is note information ie; ‘C3’ or ‘Gb2’
  • The download is also Notarized which means it’s been scanned & certified to be safe by Apple.

Batch xFader updated to v1.1.2

September 1, 2022, 11:16 pm

This update sees various fixes and some improvements to the Single Cycle & Phase alignment.

  • Added Frequency/Midi Note detection. Use with caution as it will not detect all material correctly, it’s still a preferable option to add midi note information to the file header or name when they were created.
  • Reworked & Improved the phase align code.
  • FIXED: crash when using Phase Align and files that have no Midi Note assignment.
  • FIXED: fade % is now visible at startup.
  • Removed single cycle scan range, now just uses the single cycle sample size instead

Dalmatian for Kontakt 6 Released

August 29, 2022, 12:12 pm

Dalmatian is a collection of 96k multi-sampled oscillators sampled from a Behringer MS-1 (SH-101 Clone) and the mapped into a dual synth Kontakt Instrument. The samples are single cycles & so take up very little memory.

Available for the introductory price of $19.99 for the next 2 weeks.

Batch xFader updated to v1.1.1

August 28, 2022, 11:34 pm

The single cycle code has been reworked to be more reliable with as wider range of source material.


  • Improved the single cycle loop zero crossing search for the end point, it now scans for nearest in both direction.
    Added controls to enable/disable Zero-X Start which then gives the option for zero-X end and a maximum scan time in percentage of loop size.
  • Resample added for the single cycle loop, this will resample loops that are larger/smaller due to the zero X scan which effectively tunes them to perfect pitch. It should only be used as a last resort as it does change the character of the sound. It’s better to ensure that the source is already the correct pitch before it reaches batch xFader.
  • Added option to enable/disable the zero X scan phase alignment on ‘CREATE LOOP’ mode, although it’s recommended to leave this on usually.

Batch xFader updated to v1.1

August 25, 2022, 1:44 am

This is quite a major update, single cycle mode really expands the program’s usefulness!

  • Single Cycle Export Mode Added – locates a positive zero crossing in the centre of the file, sets the end to the correct number of samples for the given midi note & then scans for the next negative zero crossing. For the midi note, it can either be embedded or in the filename.
  • Loops now quantise to the nearest multiples of frequency if the filename has a midi Note number or embedded note number in the smpl header.
  • Loop section now looks for positive zero crossing at the start & negative at the end which can help with phase issues & also setting xFade amount to zero will now bypass the xFade altogether. If you have constant material this can perhaps create seamless loops if single cycle mode is not sufficient.
  • Added xFade Mode menu with a choice between Equal Power, Linear, & 3 S Curve modes.
  • Fixed: Trim Start ‘All’ ignored the Trim Start enable.
  • Fixed: occasional small click on some loops.
  • Fixed: The Fade in sample amount was left when using ‘Delete All’ even though ‘Fade In’ was disabled.

Move to New server Complete

August 22, 2022, 9:46 am

The site has now migrated to a new server. I’ve had issues receiving mail ever since I got the last server and was unable to resolve it. That’s the main reason for the move, however the new server also has double the ram, is SSD based & has a faster connection to the internet, so it should be an improved experience.

Please let me know if you experience any issues.

Input Monitor for Mac Released

August 18, 2022, 10:04 pm

A simple program which soft monitors soundcard inputs on a MAC without having to open a DAW to enable monitoring. I made this for myself because the direct monitoring on a Steinberg UR22 mkII treats them as dual mono and so is no use for listening to stereo input sources. I thought other people might find it useful too.

Batch xFader MAC files are now code signed

August 16, 2022, 10:19 am

I’m in the process of implementing code signing/notarization for the Mac versions of apps. On the last few versions of MacOS, it gives a warning and no option to open the file without shift-clicking/open. Code signing means the open option is available on the ‘downloaded from the internet’ warning & Apple verifies that the file was compiled on my registered development Mac.

I haven’t got notarization working yet which is when apple scans files for viruses and attaches their certificates. It’s complex and I haven’t worked out how to work this in to my workflow as yet. It will happen  though.

Kit Creator will also be updated soon.

Batch xFader for Mac & Windows released

August 12, 2022, 9:07 am

Batch xFader is designed to accomplish the tedious work involved making sampler instruments out of samples. This process generally involves:

  • Creating a sustain loop
  • Cross fading the loop so it loops seamlessly
  • Trimming any space at the start
  • or trimming all/most space at the start
  • Creating a short fade in at the start to avoid any non zero-crossing clicks
  • Deleting all data after the loop section which is not usually used
  • Converting Stereo to Mono
  • Converting to multiple formats

Batch xFader can accomplish all of these tasks as a batch process on the selected folder of WAVs very quickly.

Hydra Stack Updated to v1.01

August 5, 2022, 1:04 am


  • Fixed an issue with 4-5 samples in the wrong places in the B1 bank
  • All samples reprocessed for source using a new Equal power looping algorithm which removes the volume swells.